American Idol: Phil Philips versus Jessica Sanchez

Steven Tyler (left) on American Idol with fell...

Steven Tyler (left) on American Idol with fellow judges Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The voting is over. The elimination show is over. Joshua is out. Amazing talent to end up in third place overall. That leaves Jessica Sanchez to square off with Phil Philips who Stephen Tyler called the next Bruce Springsteen.

SO what to expect at the next and final show? I predict more of the same. Super teen Jessica will belt out a few torch songs and Phil will get down and funky with his own brand of melody missing singing. Run what you brung!

It figures that they won’t deviate too far from what has taken them from a cattle call audition into millions of homes every week.

Let’s be fair to Jessica. She is without doubt the better of the two singers. She is 16 and from a close knit family from Chula Vista. Critics are saying as a singer she is a mimic. I keep hearing this word, mimic. When you sing, don’t you want to sound good? At least get close what the song is supposed to sound like? Well isn’t that being a mimic. J Lo commented that when Jessica sang “I’ll be there” she was looking for young Michael on stage. What’s wrong with nailing a song?

The next complaint I have is that since she is only 16, Jessica doesn’t have all the life experience she needs to sing “Proud Mary” or something by Etta James. Give me a break. She is 16. One comment that I thought was so unfair to her was that “probably she hasn’t even been with a boy her own age.” Seriously? We started this competition with rules. Why are now adding layers that question the extent of the contestant’s life experience. I didn’t hear this in previous years that a singer should not have chosen that song because they don’t have the life experience to interpret it. This requirement would stop most artists in their tracks.

Phil Philips has his style dialed in. The gruff, growly, rasp of the blues. The funk of off the beaten track interpretations of some pretty decent song choices. Phil is much more limited since his style and limited vocal ability force him into a certain sound song after song. By the way, Scotty McCreary won last year with the same limitations. McCreary is country through and through, any song he took on last year sounded like country no matter what he did to change it. Wednesday is that last chance to influence voters.

Who will win? Jessica with her big sound and little body? Or will it be Phil hammering out a Grateful Dead style no melody groove? The decision is yours. iPhones or Andriods, iPad or tablet, laptop or desktop.

You have the power. You have the vote. The choice is yours.

Good luck contestants!


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