100 Best Blogs for Career-Minded Students

College is a place for students to broaden their intellectual and social horizons. A college education also boosts an individual’s earnings over the course of their life time. With a little bit of planning and training, students can use their time in college to jump start their career prospects. Check out these blogs for career minded students offering tips, advice and information.

Blogs about Internships

Internships provide invaluable training students use for the rest of their careers. Great internships at prestigious firms can lead to top entry level positions. Read these blogs for insight into the wide world of interns.

  1. Chronicles of a Corporate Intern: A young twenty-something is thrown into an internship at a large tech firm, follow the trials and tribulations of a young woman just getting her career of the ground.
  2. Working for the Mouse: This blogger worked as an intern for the Walt Disney Company and gives an inside look of what it’s like to work for one of the world’s largest media companies.
  3. President’s Intern: A blog from a young intern that worked for President George W. Bush. Learn about the inner workings of the White House and the role interns play in day to day life.
  4. My Life as a Ticket King Intern: This blogger took a job as an intern at a ticket brokerage company to get access to free tickets. Follow the fun, excitement and humor at this charming site.
  5. Coutori: A student living in suburbia, this blog is dedicated to fashion and creating your own career.
  6. Success 4 Students: The college students’ complete guide to life. Survive freshman year, land internships and jobs, and get a life on campus with this blog giving tips from real students.
  7. Internship Hub: This blog provides the latest information and leads for internships across various industries for aspiring college students.
  8. Free Your Mind Blog: A blog on anything related to investment banking and consulting especially trying to land internships and graduate jobs.
  9. Online Engineering Degrees: This blog tries to give informative and credible facts related to engineering and internships.
  10. The Fashioneo: The daily musings of a budding fashionista, this blogger is a seasoned intern sharing advice and opinions on art, fashion, and personal style.
  11. My Life as a Wannabe Journalist: A journalism student writes this blog about her efforts and frustrations becoming a professional reporter.
  12. InstantInternship: Real time internship news and information, this site is a must stop for students looking for their start.
  13. StudyHallNotes: A meeting place for students and educators to communicate with colleagues and peers about schools, teachers, professors or classes. Also, the site provides financial aid information, teen jobs, internships, scholarship information, and much more.
  14. Internships Blog: All types of internships are discussed this blog which has information on summer and paid positions. Find the internship you need in any field or city with this great resource.

Blogs from Recent College Graduates

Life after college can be difficult for some people. Others thrive as they enter the real world for the first time. These blogs from recent college graduates give students an idea of what’s next.

  1. The College Puzzle: This blog discusses college completion, success and risk factors, posts on this site explore the things that influence the success rates of students.
  2. College Grad Lessons: A blog about life after college and the lessons learned, this blogger is still trying to figure out her place in the world.
  3. Dr. Wizard’s Advice to Student: The blog created by this 28-year old professor gives students invaluable tips and tools on surviving college.
  4. College Career Life: College and career planning advice for students, recent graduates or anyone interesting in changing careers, this blog provides sound, practical advice.
  5. The Recent Graduate Chronicles: Following the life and times of a recent college graduate trying to their place in the world, this blog is topical, relevant and interesting.
  6. College Grad Job Hunter: Job searching advice and information, this blog includes video posts in addition to well-written text articles.
  7. The College Graduate: Articles about this blogger’s personal experiences with life after graduation. She writes on everyday struggles of life in the “real world” including money and work.
  8. Mom and Dad Are Studying: Advice for non-traditional students from a couple that went back to school after starting a family, this blog has hilarious posts and awesome advice.
  9. Secrets of College: A group of college graduates have teamed together to write a “bible” for life at school. This hilarious blog includes items on money, parents and love.
  10. Blazing With Phelps: This former University of Maryland student writes about adjusting to life after college including jobs, apartments and being an adult for the first time.
  11. Physical Therapy Assistant Schools: This interesting site details the experiences of a recent grad as well as points out interesting health and physical therapy resources for healthy adults.
  12. Frugal Law Student: For any students trying to limit their loan debt, this blog is geared toward students considering law school.
  13. Red Sprouts: Tools and advice for character growth, this blog provides articles for getting an internship or advancing your career.
  14. iGeneration: This blog covers topics and issues relevant to teens and college students.

Bloggers in Various Careers

Many students attend college to discover careers that interest them. The bloggers below write about their jobs with passion and dedication, allowing students a window into different lives.

  1. Maryland Trial Lawyer: A second generation trial lawyer and a solo practitioner, this lawyer concentrates in family and criminal law in addition to appeals. His blog ranges from commentary and summaries of new cases in Maryland to law related videos.
  2. Secret Doctor’s Diary: A hospital doctor working in England opens up his thoughts on the state of his nation’s health care system.
  3. Doctor Anonymous: This doctor claims to be “just a guy” working in the American health care system and occasionally trying to find the lighter side of life through his blog.
  4. The Thinking Policeman: The ramblings of a police officer about crime and punishment, law and disorder, paperwork and bureaucracy this site is keenly interesting.
  5. Small Town Lawyer: The observations, advice, and ramblings of a solo practitioner in a small Midwest town. This blog has advice for pro se litigants, criminal defendants and fans of lawyer jokes.
  6. Into the Fire: An in depth journal of a New Jersey firefighter, this blog starts at the fire academy and continues throughout the author’s career.
  7. Bouhammer’s Afghanistan and Military Blog: A blog created by a 21-year Army veteran, currently serving as a First Sergeant in the New York National Guard, this blog started out as a way to discuss military related issues but quickly became a way this soldier documented the war experience for his family.
  8. Tokyo English Teacher: Ever think of teaching English in Japan? This blog details one American’s journey to the Far East to teach English. Get the experience of culture shock and homesickness with this sharply written blog.
  9. The Dork Reporter: Written by a newspaper reporter who covers health care, science and technology, this blog is one reporter’s take on incredibly geeky topics.
  10. PHD in Nursing Online: Get an idea of life as a teaching nurse is like with this blog, which also covers interesting resources that nurses use in their career.
  11. Ramblings of a Student Teacher: This blog highlights the interests and life as a new teacher that also likes to follow current events.
  12. The Vociferous Accountant: Business and financial matters usually scare most people, this blog is specifically meant to discuss such issues in a jovial and fun manner.
  13. Transportation Engineer: This blog discusses transportation engineering which include topics such as environmentally sustainable transport, transportation systems, traffic management, transport economics, transport modes, vehicles, as well as people and goods.
  14. Chemical Engineer: This blog is comes from a Russian-based writer who writes about his life and work as a chemical engineer.
  15. School Psychologist Blog Files: Operated by a licensed school psychologist, this blog contains information for parents to help promote better understanding of special education procedures and parental rights.
  16. Audrey Walker: A blog about the frustrations of one actor struggling to make his dream come true.
  17. Merchant Marine Blog: This blog focuses on merchant marines and life at sea. Learn about the lives of sailors at this salty site.
  18. Chai’s Marine Life Blog: Some people are drawn to water and Chai is definitely one of them. Read this blog from a marine biologist demonstrating passion for his work.
  19. A Day in the Life of a Private Chef: This private chef writes about her clients, the places she travels and all things food, of course. Check out her tasty blog featuring recipes and interesting anecdotes.
  20. Ideal Programmer: A blog discussing the finer points of being a computer programmer, this site is an invaluable resource for anyone considering entering the field.

Career Advice Blogs

The Internet is full of advice for any topic. These blogs have the best advice for students with long term career aspirations.

  1. Career Alley: This blog offers career and job search advice along with job search site reviews.
  2. Your Career Advice Blog: A blog providing career advice to ambitious men and women who want to accelerate their career path.
  3. Highere: Find free career advice to know how to get a job, keep a job and succeed in the workplace with this blog teaching valuable tips for job search, job interviews and creating an effective resume.
  4. Bunny Apple: A career advice blog with interview tips and everything you need to get a better job.
  5. Career Bright: Strive to make your career brighter with this career advice and informational blog on life-work balance, career planning and tips for working women.
  6. Monster Career Blog: A blog from the massive online job database, this site offers career advice and thought-provoking posts addressing the issues facing the workforce today.
  7. orglearn: Career advice article on management, teamwork, success, sales, planning and how to write a resume. This helpful blog includes a free blank resume form linking to examples and samples.
  8. Smart Career Moves: Career advice, helpful information, and recommended reading for individuals that seek to better manage their career path.
  9. Career CoPilot: Career Advice for job seekers and industry insights for career professionals from this regularly updated blog.
  10. Career Change Advice: A blog for anyone changing careers, this site shares job advice and tips while keeping readers informed of career expos across the country.
  11. Escape from Corporate America: Career expert Pamela Skillings provides this blog with advice and tips for changing careers and breaking free from the chains of corporate oppression.
  12. The Creative Career: Finding a fulfilling job is a dream for any number of people. This blog teaches readers how to make fantasy a reality.
  13. Career Lessons from Television: This hilariously awesome blog has clever blogs drawing career lessons from television shows such as “Burn Notice” and “Royal Pains.” Funny and unusually insightful, Career Lessons from Television is bound to become a favorite.
  14. 50 Career Success Tactics: A blog giving visitors 50 career development tactics to put into action immediately, this site will quickly work wonders for your career.
  15. Market Yourself Smarter: Reflecting the perception of corporate Canada from the worker’s perspective, this blog gives great insight into work in the land to the north.

Financial Aid and Debt

The cost of education is rapidly rising year after year. Making smart financial decisions in school can save students thousands in the future. Here are the best blogs helping students get their finances in order.

  1. Poorer Than You: A blog concerning money issues for college students, articles on this site are interesting and never boring.
  2. Studenomics: A blog helping students plan and manage their finances, this site is perfect for balancing the checkbook with the rest of your life.
  3. The Frugal College Graduate: A recent college graduate and full-time professional discusses the difficulties of managing finances and getting started in the “real world.”
  4. College Students Guide: This blog helps students find the college that’s right for them, then offers resources for finding financial aid, scholarships and loans.
  5. Student Consolidation Loans: Helping college graduates consolidate their student loans, this blog includes information on a fixed-rate refinancing plan for repayment.
  6. The College Driver: Owning a car in college can drive up costs, but this blog offers advice for saving on gas, insurance and maintenance.
  7. Surviving College Life: This blog seeks to equip students with the knowledge necessary to survive and succeed in school.
  8. iScholarship: Find available loan information or advice for obtaining financial aid at this blog helping students reduce debt.
  9. Poor College Student: A blog providing advice, tools and tips on obtaining free stuff, the articles on this site allow anyone to live for cheap.
  10. Cheap College Books: Books are one of the most significant portions of college expense, the tips and advice on this blog can save students up to $500 a semester.
  11. College Pros Blog: A site dedicated to showcasing promising college students this blog is the premier source for students with entrepreneurial spirits.

Blogs from Career-Minded Students

Ambitious students give fantastic advice and information for succeeding in school. These blogs follow the students’ attempts to improve their career prospects.

  1. Green Student U: This blog is geared toward students interested in the environmental movement. Find out how to volunteer and prepare yourself for a career in conservation with this helpful blog.
  2. College Fashion: For students interested in getting into the fashion industry, this blog is a guide for ambitious fashionistas to find their first job.
  3. College Candy: From cocktail recipes to career advice, this blog provides unique articles on a lot of interesting topics.
  4. College Being: This blog guides students through controversial issues such as gambling, sex and drinking.
  5. Photobooth Truths: A blog from a student obsessed with photography, this site explores hilarious topics relevant to college students.
  6. Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman: A blogger seeking to find the woman she wants to be, this site is great for women lost in school.
  7. Extraordinary Observations: This beautiful blog is active with posts about the changing urban landscape and student’s impact.
  8. no use for a headline: This blogger is struggling to get thorough grad school. Follow her efforts, frustrations and joy with weekly updates.
  9. OMG… College!: This hilarious site is from a college sophomore seeking to be a professional writer.
  10. Good Girl Gone Blog: Boston is one of the nation’s best college towns with over sixty schools. Check out this blog from a co-ed going to school in Boston.
  11. Crackin’ Wise: Updated multiple times a day, these bloggers document funny happenings in their everyday lives.
  12. Relatively Journalizing: Chronicling misadventures in public relations and journalism as well as providing insight into life happenings, this site also features guest bloggers and columnists.
  13. Words from Andy: A cleverly written blog from a student at a prestigious tech school, this site provides social commentary on all aspects of life.
  14. Everything Random: This blog provides the college crowd with career and internship information, in addition to other interesting tidbits from across the web.
  15. weezBlog: A student’s journal detailing her experiences in college and with her career.
  16. Someone Please Save This Kid: This blogger works at Starbucks, but keeps attending school to boost her career prospects. Her blog is a series of rants, musings, intriguing thoughts, and details of a hectic college life.
  17. forever-digital: Tales from a talented Cornell student as she prepares to graduate and enter the real world.
  18. The Behavior of Beckless: This blogger is a Georgia college student who writes about social life, school and driving between his parents home and the dorms.
  19. HiLife2B: A blog about the everyday lessons learned from a college student as she tries to build her life.
  20. The College Warrior: Enrich your college life by following the insightful guides written by an ambitious, student. This blog has great articles on increasing productivity, studying abroad, job market preparation, planning fun break adventures and a lot more.
  21. Andy’s Blog: This bloggers shares his music and thoughts with the world through his well produced site.
  22. Secretista: From a Hofstra University student, this blog covers fashion, college and everyday life.
  23. Zen College Life: A blog guiding its readers to simplify their academics to enjoy a more satisfying college experience.
  24. Mattson Tomlin: This blog hosts the work of a film student in New York and his efforts at becoming a director.
  25. devmorgan: A student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, this blogger is a computer science major with aspirations of being a programmer.
  26. Timothy Dwight: A blog from a residential advisor at Yale University, this writer has a humorous style and colorful blog.

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