Cat fight in aisle 3

Andrea and Jenna are co workers no more. Over the last 2 months they have been waging war. One pitted against the other. No one is really sure what started it but as the days passed, their relationship got progressively worse.

The work relationship started by the pair sharing job duties in the department they were assigned to. Both began working in a men’s department in a famous store. Whether it was a natural competitiveness or something else, the pair looked like they could work together. Most of their job duties were centered around maintaining a department. Their merchandise needed to be sorted, put back and organized in a very presentable fashion. A lot of effort goes into recovering a department. It looks great to the customer. The associates make that happen with almost a continuous effort to keep it looking good.

The pair’s work relationship started to unravel. On each other’s days off, one would accuse the other of leaving things untidy.  Andrea would complain to the Merchandise Manager that Jenna just left the work for her to do. A few days later when Andreas was off, the complaints repeated. Jenna would say that Andrea wasn’t pulling her weight.

Rumors were flying. The two were not getting along and co workers were starting to notice. The break room was the new battle ground. Break rooms are notorious for scuttlebutt. With the entire store coming and going, stopping for lunch and just plain shooting the bull. The problems Andrea and Jenna were having found an audience. Before long everyone knew about their troubles. Fellow associates wondered if they would ever talk it out and no one could really put their finger on  why they couldn’t get along. Jenna was new in town and besides her job in retail, was pursuing modeling. Andrea had her own opinion about what exactly Jenna was modeling. The backbiting never stopped.

Then something happened that ended it for both of them. Jenna happened to know that Andrea liked to leave her cell phone in her coat pocket and that she sometimes left her coat on the rack instead of in her locker. One day, while Andrea was on the sales floor, Jenna fished  Andrea’s cell phone out of coat pocket and texted the word “bitch” in reply to the last text message on Andrea’s phone.

As it turns out. Jenna texted to Andrea’s Aunt. Andrea and her relative were is a pretty serious disagreement over a family matter. They were texting  back and forth about it over the last couple of days. Andrea’s Aunt of course did not know that the “bitch” text actually came from Jenna. Andrea found herself and tears in the break room. A co worker got HR involved. She walked the crying Andrea to the HR office where Andrea dumped the problem on the HR Manger’s desk. Not news to the HR department since they had heard rumblings about the two and their problems. The break room cameras were checked and actually did not show Jenna with the cell phone. Jenna had her chance and back and forth it went. Things died down a little over the next few days. Andrea came in to resign citing a hostile work environment. About a week later, Jenna was up for her end of probation review. The review didn’t go well and a day later, Jenna came in to say she was moving on.

The HR Manager commented, “This was quite an episode. Two people who didn’t get along working closely together and their problems never got solved.”


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