Hummus is a popular Middle Eastern dip. It has made appearances around the world much to the delight of hungry eaters.

It is available in every supermarket you walk into. Hummus now comes to you ready to eat and in a variety of flavors. With everything from fire roasted peppers to pine nuts.

Here is a bowl I made recently!

I think it is a wildly popular Middle Eastern export. I have seen gourmet editions of hummus go for over $8 a container.

If you are curious, I say buy one of the ready-made containers and try it out. I eat it mostly with celery but there are a number of others ways including pita bread. Pita and Hummus go together like salt and pepper.

Once you are hooked I say make it at home. Besides being quite a bit less expensive than store bought, you can control your ingredients and end up with a custom version. You know, it’s akin to having your hummus and eating too!

Here is how to make it. It is easy and delicious. It should take you all of five minutes. You’ll need a blender and a can of chick peas also known as garbanzos on some labels. Find a lemon, some nice olive oil, some freshly crushed garlic gloves, a little kosher salt, and tahini.

Open your chickpeas and drain. Reserve a little of the liquid, say 3-4 ounces and dump them into the blender. Hit it quick and get the blend going. Then add the juice of a lemon, the garlic, a pinch of salt, the olive oil, tahini (optional) and a splash of the reserved liquid.  Give a good blend. You may need to stop and start but before long you will have the right texture. If it turns out a little dry you can add some of the liquid or a little more olive oil.

Balancing out the flavors is your fun. A little more of this or that and make it yours. Over the centuries, you can imagine the variations. It’s like your mom making lasagna. No two people make it the same way. The result though can’t be argued with. So give it a try, you can also omit the tahini if you want or don’t have it. I make it both ways and still don’t have a preference either way.

Making hummus at home is pretty easy. The result is a delicious taste that can be served a variety of ways. Once you have it where you want it… move it to a bowl. I like to hit it with some paprika, olive oil and occasionally stuffed olives and capers. You experiment, find what you like.


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