The worst shows on television

Parking Wars

Parking Wars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like lists.

Here are the worst shows on TV in my opinion. They are all reality shows. They do not appear in order of “worstness.”

The Shahs of Sunset

This show is really hard to follow. Are they really Shahs?  Are these characters making millions? Or thousands? Who spends money like this? Bill Gates doesn’t. Warren Buffet? You decide. The birthday episode where they all go to Vegas was a real low point. One of the friends left the party early so could get “serviced” by a former hunk boyfriend. Brilliant.

Storage Wars

I hate the repetition of this show. No one is afraid of anyone. No one intimidates anyone on the show?  Is buying abandoned storage lockers about intimidation? And why do all go for about the same price. Hmmmm.

Hard Core Pawn

Disfunctional family. Disfunctional business. Disfunctional customers who become indignant when they can’t get their $300 out of cheap costume jewelry. Then it gets loud. They call the bouncer. The bouncer takes the customer outside. More nastiness. Over and over. What’s the point?

Mob Wives

Who are these people? What are they so pissed about? Why do they want to fight each other? Some of the characters are even lost as to what the point of this show is. They juts sit when they are out of the argument and stare.

Basketball Wives

Who are these people? Why don’t they like each other? Can any of them make a three pointer?  Just one thing. Don’t dis DP or there will be trouble.

Cupcake Wars

Cupcakes are for kid’s birthday parties. They are not an art form and were never intended to be. Nice icing by the way.

Parking Wars

Oh, please. Can someone write the cast and crew a ticket? Impound the cameras. Just stop.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

Looks like we’re stuck with this one for a while. I heard Kim just got a 35 million contract. Still not sure what the talent is here. 5 more years of the unwatchable same. Remember the episode where the Mom wanted to change her name from Jenner back to Kardashian?  What was that all about?  How about when they snuck the younger sister out to Las Vegas with a fake authorization so Mario Barth could tattoo her? C’mon man. Mario, you don’t want that mom callin’ ya all pissed off ‘cause you tatted up her snowflake. There is no end in sight! Keep your head down Bruce… and wear a flak jacket. Text me if it gets unbearable, I will send a swat team to rescue you.

Baggage Battles

We may have gone too far with this one. Lost baggage sold at auction may be a fact of life. Do we need to keep our cable bills paid so we don’t miss an episode? I can’t wait for the new season, maybe someone will find a scarf AND a comb in the same bag. Maybe someone will get someone else’s lost toiletries. Wow! What excitement. I can’t wait for the new season.

I am not alone here right? If I missed one, please add it into the comments section.  More later. Until then, who has the remote?


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