Santana rocks St. Louis

Johan Santana

Johan Santana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, not that Santana. The other one. You know, Johan. 51 years into it, the Mets finally get a no hitter.

The charm of baseball is the bad call, the dropped pop fly, or the wild pitch. Last night’s game had charm. I liked the stupendous catch by Mike Baxter in left to rob Yadier Molina. How about the line drive that hit the line just over third in the sixth? The ball was fair to everyone in Citi Field except to the ump, Adrian Johnson.

Johnson declined to comment after seeing the replay. I told you Baseball was charming.

Santana took 134 pitches to close out the Cards. He had 8 strikeouts and walked five. His strength last night was that sneaky fastball and a change up that makes hitters look hard and wonder.

This is the third no hitter this year. Phil Humber tossed a pefect game for the White Sox and Jered Weaver spun a beauty against the Twins.

Think about it, Santana accomplished what pitching greats Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver and Dwight Gooden could not do in a Mets uniform.

All 27,069 stood and cheered as Santana’s teammates mobbed the mound after the 27th out. A fitting end to a great performance. Mets fans everywhere can be proud


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