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say Special Ability not disability

What is your company doing to assist disabled Vets find meaningful and challenging work? Thousands of Vets are out of work. A huge number are homeless.

I propose that a company of 50 or more can certainly make room to hire a Vet. It isn’t a matter of can’t or even don’t want to. It is a problem of ignorance. Peter Drucker said, “a company is a society of people.” And to that I agree.

So let’s take a little challenge here. I would ask that you go to your HR Director or the senior manager where you work and ask about their efforts to employ a Vet. Find out if there is a program in place. Ask if associates can make referrals to hiring managers if they know of someone who may want an interview. If there isn’t a program, ask how one can get started. Leadership is needed…

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