Trending Right Now

Just a quick look at what is trending right now in the news.  Lots of stuff we should be aware of and as usual an equal amount of stuff we can do with out.

1.     Reports say Katie Holmes was under pressure from her parents to break off the marriage. Whatever. Here is the real news. Suri at age 6 has a wardrobe worth $3.2 million .  

English: Cropped image of Tom Cruise and Katie...

Cruise and Holmes.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2.     Jillian Michaels had her house broken into and her Bentley stolen. They caught the guy who will now spend up to 22 years in State Prison. Wonder if it was worth it? 22 years?

3.    Cougar  Taylor Swift hugged Patrick Schwarzenegger‘s neck.  You go Patrick!

4.      Chris Rock and his White People’s Day comment on Twitter is causing a stir. But why? Publicity? Media vacuum? Probably just another ill advised message on social media that can’t be retracted. If you ask me, I say Chris Rock is trying for another 15 minutes of fame. Chris- once it’s out there, it’s out there!

5.     F1 Championship leader Fernando Alonso topped the times for Ferrari in Saturday morning‘s third free practice session for Sunday’s British Grand Prix. It has been raining on and off. Can’t wait to see Sunday’s result.

6.     Facebook stock closed up 0.26 at 31.73. Way to go Mark Zuckerberg. Hey Mark, shoot me over you Facebook Password when you get a minute.

There you have it…now you know what I know! Enjoy the weekend folks.



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