About your resume

Most resumes can improve in three ways.  The first two are formatting and what I call TGS or typos, grammar, and spelling. There is no excuse for these types of errors. The third one is a little more difficult to hold in your hand.

It is a cocktail of intangible factors.  Executive impact, accomplishment, leadership, communication, performance, credibility, and a sense of trust. I said cocktail, didn’t I? I believe these factors must come through in the right balance to complete an executive presentation.  When I say executive I am referring to decision making and leadership more than anything else.

Next question. How to improve? Everyone asks me the same question. What is the first step? Where to begin? What can I expect in terms of time commitment and actual time needed to complete the project?

I will answer the last of the three questions first. You can expect me to work your resume until two things happen. First, that I am satisfied that I have the made the best possible presentation, and number two, that YOU are satisfied. I gain nothing until you gain something. In this case a resume you can show a grocery store clerk or a Prime Minister.

How long does it take? Good question. When do you need it? Need it in two weeks? Not a problem. Need it in 48 hours? I honestly can do it but need to look at my other commitments. I have no problem working late into the night if that is what I need to do.  Depends on you! Lead time is great, crunch time is where I exceed my client’s expectations.

How do I get my share of intangibles on the resume? Having read thousands of resumes I have developed a feel for what works. I also study the work of other resume writers. I favor the classic, accomplishments based resume. Most of what I see before I start work focuses on the person’s job responsibilities, lots of lists, two or three sentences on an objective, carved up by horizontal lines, and maybe a cover letter that spills too many beans.

As a resume writer, I look for the most practical solution. Simpler is better. Impact is better. I want to write a resume for you that tells the reader you have the skills to get the job done.

Send me your resume for a free evaluation. If I can make improvements, I will explain how. If I can’t make improvements, I will tell you so.

 CLICK HERE >>>      Here is what to do next

Friends don’t let friends go to interviews with bad resumes.


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