Encouraging teamwork on the job

I am working with a client who has made major advances in team work between associates. Now that we have people in the right jobs, it is time to get the most from the new players. I thought I would share some simple ideas about building organizational effectiveness that have produced results.

  • Encourage the formation of ad hoc teams to discuss and address organizational problems. Define the issues, specify the improvements then put TALENT on your problem.
  • Get your associates MORE INVOLVED in the business. The more your workforce knows about the various aspects of how the company functions, how it engages its customers, and how it generates financial results, the more they will care about the daily details. They’ll start to develop an intuition of what needs to get done and at what level of execution.  Knowledge will magically turn into associate engagement and meaningful work.
  • Hold regular ROUND TABLE MEETINGS with cross functional teams. Instruct them to tear into “Dumb Work”, Dumb Forms”, and “Dumb Processes”. You will be amazed at how much your team knows about the roadblocks they face on a daily basis. You will be building company culture and recognizing your talent at the same time.
  • Write this sentence down.   “Training is a form of Associate Recognition” . Think about why this sentence is so powerful then tell someone.
  • Acknowledge that each person has his or her own reason to come to work every day. Every associate brings a special talent to the workplace that makes an important and unique contribution to the organization’s overall success. Respect each of your co-workers as you wish to be respected.

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