Men: Don’t make these social media mistakes!


Men, here are some basic rules to follow while texting, tweeting, and or Facebooking.

  1. Do not “poke” another man under any circumstances. This is not manful.
  2.  No winky faces, i.e. 😉 or 🙂 or anything close…ever. You are not still wearing black socks and hard shoes with shorts are you? Ok, just checking.
  3.  Men never LOL at anything. C’mon man, LOL is a chick thing. You know that without me having to tell you.
  4.  If you know what OMG means, I would consider you at risk for social media strife.
  5.  Never write on someone’s then call the person 83 times within 20 minutes to laugh about what you posted. There is a reason they are not answering after 83 tries.
  6. Don’t attack anything or anybody for the sole purpose of getting attention.
  7. Don’t post an asinine “deep transcendental meaning message” unless your first name is Yogi.
  8. Are you watching “Real Housewives of ______________” then posting about it? STOP THAT!
  9. Don’t tweet out a primal scream of 140 uppercase A’s with no breaks. Do I really have to remind you?
  10. Don’t text, tweet, or message your girlfriend endlessly morning to night…. She won’t be your girlfriend no more!

And finally…

NEVER PUBLISH A PHOTO OF YOU WALKING A POODLE. It’s hell on what’s left of your tough guy image.


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