Thoughts on guitar smashing

There is no reason that excuses smashing a guitar. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living. I watched a professional musician throw a tantrum and smash an instrument. The video is now everywhere.  I checked the guy’s Facebook page and support for him and his actions are sky high.  I also saw a rapper slam a guitar to the stage on an award show about 3 weeks ago. I think this sort of behavior is moronic and appalling. Call me crazy.

My response? I am planning to  find a kid who wants to play the guitar. I will buy a guitar for that kid.

I am thinking to buy it from a music shop and leave it there in the care of the store manager. I will ask the manager to watch for a kid who really wants a new instrument but maybe a single mom or dad can’t afford it or doesn’t know what to buy. The manager can fish it out of his or her office and give the gift to the kid. Imagine the thrill to the kid.

Another point of attack would be to find a music teacher whose student is showing promise but may need a better instrument to progress. I will make arrangements to get a new instrument for the kid.

I am willing to fund this from my own money and several folks I know who support this idea think I should set up a fund. More on that later if there is support.

I remember getting my first instrument. It was a grand concert classical guitar.  I was 12. It cost a small fortune and it was the thrill of my life. After that, I paid for my own instruments and music education. No kidding. I worked for the money by cutting lawns and shoveling snow. Later, I washed dishes and other similar jobs to fund my music study.

I can’t tell you how many times I wished for a guitar from a music store and left empty handed. I can’t tell you how many catalogs I had neatly stacked on my desk. I would page through the catalog and dream of owning one of the guitars I saw. I couldn’t imagine where the money would come from. I repeatedly asked my parents. My dad finally took me to find a guitar after consulting my guitar teacher. I would like a kid in today’s to world experience the thrill of getting a guitar they want to play.

Why is this important? We need live Jazz and Blues to preserve and honor the musicians before us. We need musicians who can actually play instruments…drums, guitar, bass…whatever. I fear we are forgetting our past. I talked to someone the other day who never even heard of the Allman Bros for God‘s sake. When I mentioned Miles Davis and Junior Wells… they asked me …Who?

Just my 2 cents. What are your thoughts?  Please share and comment.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on guitar smashing

  1. I was at a concert once where the lead singer smashed his guitar at the end of the show and one of my friends, who knows guitars well, told us how much that guitar was worth. It made us all feel sick to think of the waste that guy was promoting. Thank you for linking my experience in this account.

    I love your ideas about getting a guitar for someone who can’t afford it. I will be praying that you will find the kid you are looking for!


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