Andrew Carnegie turned in his grave this morning

Andrew Carnegie, American businessman and phil...

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie turned in his grave this morning… I sent this letter this afternoon. The man receiving it works with a government funded  – sponsored agency created to help small business grow. When I walked in for our meeting. His desk was clear. He was playing sudoku with a folder newspaper and a pen. He asked me to refresh his memory from our last meeting which was 10 days ago.  This IS what our country has come to. It is shameful that media spends time and money to portray our Mr Obama as charming. It is shameful that Mrs Obama has a personal staff of 22 on the taxpayer’s buck.  It is equally shameful that a big name government agency which represents and promotes small business allows abuse like this and no one cares. Sam had to pull his thumb out of his ass to shake hands. Sad, sad, sad. Sorry Andrew.


Hello Sam!

Just a quick note to follow up on our meeting this morning at 11 am.  I thought I would let you know this was a complete waste of my time.

Sorry to have interrupted your Sudoku. I scheduled this meeting with you more than a week ago. I followed up as I said I would. Went to 2 banks. Sent you a business plan etc and you were completely unprepared for our follow up which if you recall, you suggested. Sitting at an empty desk playing Sudoku. Really, Sam?  Is that what you do?

Help like this I don’t need.

You won’t be hearing from me again.  I have half a mind to report your lazy ass to your boss… that is if your boss isn’t asleep at his or her desk or even bothers to show up once in while.


Small business owner


One thought on “Andrew Carnegie turned in his grave this morning

  1. The problem is they don’t have to work to earn their paycheck, you already paid them for working on that sudoku puzzle with all those taxes.


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