Plane Crashes Near L.A. After Mid-Air Collision

Plane Crashes Near L.A. After Mid-Air Collision. Both planes involved were Cessna 172s,  

This Cessna 172 is the same make and model pla...

Cessna 172 

a single-engine high fixed wing plane that typically seats four people.

small plane crashed into a rocky ridge in Calabasas near L.A. on Monday afternoon.  The crash was the result of a mid-air collision with another plane.

One pilot was killed and the second pilot survived a belly flop landing on a golf course.  

The initial investigation into the plane crash near L.A. is still ongoing.  FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer stated that a preliminary review of radar records showed the two planes’ flight paths crossing just after 2 pm local time.

The plane that crashed on the golf course was flying west at an altitude of 3,500 feet when the second plane approached from the east after leaving Santa Monica Airport for a test flight.

Both the National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA are investigating the plane crashes near L.A. on Monday.



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