Police Find Pot, Stun Gun on Justin Bieber Tour Bus

Police Find Pot, Stun Gun on Justin Bieber Tour Bus

Justin Bieber hit a speed bump on the Swedish leg of his Believe World Tour. Police

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raided his tour bus after suspecting the pop star’s entourage was hiding drugs. They found a small amount of narcotics along with a stun gun. No one was arrested and Bieber fired off to critics on Twitter denying that he has a drug problem.

Swedish police said they found suspected marijuana and an unlicensed stun gun when they raided singer-songwriter Justin Bieber‘s tour bus, but plan no arrests.

“We found a small amount of alleged narcotics and an electroshock weapon,” Stockholm police spokesman Lars Bystroem told the Aftonbladet newspaper after the Wednesday night incident.

The suspected marijuana was sent to a lab for testing, he said.

No one was arrested because no one could be tied to the drug.

The raid occurred after the star entered the tour bus outside central Stockholm’s five-star Grand Hotel, opposite the Royal Palace and the hotel normally used for Nobel Peace laureates.

One of the police officers keeping an eye on a crowd of “hysterical” fans noticed a smell of pot when the bus door opened to let the 19-year-old heartthrob in, Bystroem told the newspaper.

The bus was searched a half-hour after Bieber entered the stage, Bystroem said.

Aftonbladet said cited a source close to Bieber’s crew as saying panic broke out when police raided the bus. U.S. celebrity website TMZ said no one was on the bus when the raid took place.

No one will be charged, police told TMZ, because police have no idea who was in possession of the drug or who brought it.

Police did not mention any charges for the unlicensed stun gun.

Bieber’s manager had no immediate comment.

Bieber posted on Twitter Thursday: “some of the rumors about me….where do people even get this stuff. whatever…back to the music.”

Bieber is now in Helsinki, Finland, for a Friday concert in his “Believe” tour promoting his studio album of the same name.

He will then travel to Russia and Turkey, before going to the United Arab Emirates and South Africa and returning to the United States


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