Blackhawks had a “tremendous amount of sex during the regular season!”

Blackhawks had a “tremendous amount of sex during the regular season.

Actually, I have no personal knowledge of this.  Judging by their record of  ___ wins and ___ losses, I would say they (choose one)  did / didn’t.   I am busy right now so I am going to do a little of the work here. You look it up.

Bringing  me to Susannah Collins. Poor girl got fired. She let go of what I consider more of a Freudian Whoops than a slip.

This video went viral…. I will spare you. She meant to say success not sex. Funny how the media and the puritan American population loves a shocking scandal… How many bleeps do you see watching these dumb ass reality shows? They don’t even try to censor what these people blurt out. But the girl reporter Collins crossed the line and got canned.

To make matters worse, someone pulled the tapes of Collins from a few years back. As co-host of SportsNutz, Collins pushed the boundaries of sports journalism — and good taste — with sexually explicit reports and potentially offensive racial stereotypes. What that was it wasn’t funny and came off poorly. I don’t care really.

So how about ESPN? They have played her slip up endlessly and no one seems to have gotten canned reporting it. How offensive is a slip up anyway?

In the U.S. We can see all sorts of violence on TV, in video games, in the movies. But let one wardrobe malfunction, one anchorman say “fucking shit” on the air and we scramble for this cloak of innocence, of purity, of good taste. How’s our divorce rate going there Americans? All these people divorcing… I am sure NO ONE CHEATED ON THEIR SPOUSES through all of it. Am I right? You know no one did because it would be wrong. Americans do no wrong.

Collins, who meant to say “success,” immediately corrected herself. Their was a CNN anchor who slipped and said blow job. He is still on the air. Saw him the other day.

You will be reading about this for a few more days.  The press is all over it. The last time the press was all over something, a real issue like gay marriage, the elected leadership hurried a vote and passed a law for genetically modified foods to go through in favor of Monsanto. Time to do a little more of your own work on the this article. Satisfy yourself by looking up the Monsanto campaign donations to the Obama campaign, the lobbies, and our Senators.

A US Senator is not allowed to have SEX during their term. This law I just passed a second ago before I wrote this sentence. So there.

May I sum up by saying:

  • 1.  I am happy the Blackhawks had a tremendous amount of sex this year!
  • 2. To AJ Clemente… fucking shit man, I hope you land another job.
  • 3. To Susannah, maybe you and AJ could hook up and do talk radio. You could stuff socks in your mouths and do better than what they put on the radio in Las Vegas… 
  • Let’s end the all of the societal problems we face and  replace it with a tremendous amount of sex.

I have a Blackhawks jersey!


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