Woman Eaten By Vultures

Woman Eaten By Vultures in France

The victim was a woman who fell from a cliff in France in what appears to be a tragic accident. The 52 year old woman had gone hiking with friends in the Pyrenees when she fell over the cliff to her death.

Picture showing a Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus...

It has been reported that the woman dropped about 1,000 ft down off the cliff, and there is no way she could have survived the tremendous fall. However, before rescue workers could get down to her to recover the body, some aggressive vultures attacked the corpse and consumed her entire body.

Rescue workers continued their search for nearly an hour to try and recover some of her body, but they were unable to find any of it following the vultures’ attack. According to reports, all that was left was the hiker’s shoes, some of her torn clothing and a few bones.

One local resident explained to the media that rescue workers had seen vultures circling the area and around the area that the hiker was believed to have fallen to, but they had no idea that they would get to the body before they could, and certainly did not believe they would have devoured the entire body before they got there.

It is not unheard of for vultures in the region to consume the carcasses left by French farmers, but until now it has been unheard of for a human body to be consumed so quickly.


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