Three Cleveland women held captive for 10 years found alive

Three Cleveland women held captive for 10 years found alive

Here come the attorneys, the book deals, and the movie makers.

My question is…how did these missing people go undiscovered for 10 years? They were being held in their own neighborhoods in homes that are spaced close together. Did no one see them? They never saw the light of day? There was no activity to arouse suspicion?

Reports are coming out that over the years, there have been reports of cries for help, banging on doors, police visits, even a naked woman crawling across the backyard. – And THESE WERE NOT RED FLAGS? No one bothered to take a closer look?

Were they brainwashed?  Did they suffer from the prisoner syndrome that makes them “love and admire” their captors and therefore submit and cooperate rather than try to plot an escape?

A six year old girl was found with the woman identified as Amanda Berry. It was reported that one of the women gave birth during this time. What is the story there? Did anyone help her?

One report says that the police investigated the residents of the home after a child was left on a school bus.

Why now? Did the woman reach out by calling 911?  Was there no option previously? The woman couldn’t get to a phone in a 10 year period? Neighbors didn’t sense anything was wrong? Then suddenly a frantic call to 911, a child screaming, and now arrests of three men?

As this story unravels further, it will be interested to see who played what roles. I am glad to see that the people held in captivity are alive and being treated in the hospital.

The Boston Marathon saga has settled down a bit. This is the next big story our media has been waiting for. Crank up the 24 hours coverage on countless stations, cue the dramatic music to lead into the stories, and conject, conject, conject!  Then speculate, speculate, speculate!

Should be interesting.


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