American Idol producers to fire all four judges?

American Idol Producers to Fire All Four Judges?

I am really having trouble with this… The producers of American Idol are planning to remove all four current judges.

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American Idol

I read somewhere that their ratings are down. So much so that it is starting to effect the sponsors willingness to spend the big bucks on all those slick product placements… let alone all those plane tickets when contestants have to fly to Hollywood to continue the competition.

Follow the money.

The producers want their franchise back. They want it now. How are they planning to do this? Use one of the tried and true organizational strategies in the book.  Find a target, assign responsibility to the target… publicize the hell out of it… and then make some heads roll.

Is this not what they are doing? Ratings are down. Sponsors with deep pockets are getting nervous. Well, it’s all the judges fault… they picked the singers. They make these kids stars or not. Announce the decision to fire everyone and then boom! They are all gone.

Repeat after me.

The producers hired the judges. 

Why not assign some blame to the producers?

What was wrong with Randy, Dog? Yeah, he can get a little pitchy, but hey! He was always in it to win it. I think he is a solid judge…  I think he will return.

Nikki Minaj.  Who hired her?  Why did they hire her? Why did she last so long? Please fire her. No! Wait! LET ME FIRE HER. She has no talent. Why is she a judge? Plus she has a thing on her eye. Please go and never return. Lil’ Wayne and his Robatussin can drive you home.

Kieth Urban… Not bad… Not an impact player as a judge. Nice success. Solid, no non-sense performer. Stratocaster.

Mariah.  Shows great poise. Good leadership instincts. Successful artist. Credible.

So now what? I liked Randy, Mariah, J Lo, Stephen Tyler,  Britney was ok. Jimmy Iovine can stay. All of these peeps are IN THE INDUSTRY. Good. Please stay or return.

Producers. Please don’t ask Dave Grohl. Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, or too many to list.

Hey how ’bout Rush Limbaugh?  Or Mrs. Obama?  or Senator Harry Reid?  Harry knows all the chords AND  he travels like a rock star anyway.  Honey Boo Boo‘s Maw?Tim Tebow could be a …. naw, only God can judge…  Naw,  won’t work.

Ok, how about…   The GEICO Lizard, Rush Limbaugh, Joel Osteen, Jerry Jones, Gene Hackman (since he has appeared in every movie made since 1966 anyway he should know talent). Then we could alternate with Ozzy, Tebow, Nancy Grace, The guy from Papa John’s Pizza, and Mayor Bloomberg.  Coca-cola would LOVE him.

How ’bout?

Streisand, Don Rickles, Axel Rose, Martha Stewart?

Smokey Robinson, Any Iron Chef, Nancy Pelosi, Leonard Nimoy?

Mickey Rourke, Tim Tebow, Neil Clark Warren,  Gene Simmons?

Bill Gates, Dennis Rodman, Anthony Bourdain, Former runner up in the competition?

Glenn Campbell, Justin Bieber, Ronald McDonald, Yogi Berra?

Janis Joplin, man. Now she would be a  judge, man. I mean it man. Janis.  Drop by the house this weekend… I think it’s gonna be a Jimi Janis weekend.





Sawyer TMS


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