LinkedIn throws the hookers out!

LinkedIn throws the hookers and escorts out!  Really?

I logged to in the other day to a rather terse new set of terms and conditions. I was a little take aback.

The new rules says the site can take action. The user can’t take action.

I read the ts & cs and said to myself, ok. well, I have work to do  today so I guess I agree.

On I went.

Now is see my favorite business website has a hooker problem.  It’s funny. I deal with CEOs engineers, architects, etc. Once in a while I bump into a really hot looking female. When I dare click the profile, I see it isn’t a business professional. It is a professional however. Then to my shock, a whole list of other professionals accompany the profile I just clicked.  I don’t have much time to mess with this stuff while working. I move on.

I come to find out that the new t&c stuff is related to those profiles. Escorts, professionals, entertainers, massage therapists, whatever are posting there alongside C level executives, professors, geologists, and every one else out there trying to make a connection.

I am a little shocked to be honest. For a business professional. This can be a very important networking resource. One you don’t want to mess up. One you don’t want the wrong connections on. I am a little surprised people don’t take it as seriously as I do.

Well, I am not one to judge. Make it work? More power to ya. btw, should they be trolling instead anyway?

Jus stay offa my cloud!


By the way.. Check me out on LinkedIn….. use this email to send me a connect   no spammers, scammers, lottery winning notices… I won six last week. keep it clean. You can send me money thought to the same address on paypal… thanks  even a buck helps!






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