Nicki Minaj Leaving American Idol After Current Season

Nicki Minaj Leaving American Idol After Current Season

English: Nicki Minaj at 2010 MTV Video Music A...

Not a loss.  What was she doing there in the first place? What exactly is her talent?

Rap (artists?) launch careers for people with no talent. Hand them a make up a name, hand them a wig, give them a wig and book the hell out of them. Suddenly, the songs, ( if you call rap a song) are played endlessly.

Then the  lamest of lame rap songs played on the radio are re mixed for the clubs. The club mixes insert the “N” wherever there is space.  I happened to see a video in a store of some nerdy rap star with his posse in front of his rented Maserati poppin’ off about how he made it. Then later in the club the same song with the ‘N” word.  I couldn’t believe it. So I stopped and counted.. I couldn’t keep up since I heard it so many times.

That’s my point.  What is the talent? Same with Nikki Minaj. Why is she a judge. Will people what American Idol because she is popular? Is that all there is to being a judge.

Randy Jackson, ( who can get pitchy dog) can back it up, Britney could tell you what she thinks. Steven Tyler, ok. But who thought Nikki Minaj should be there? C’mon man.

She won’t be missed.


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