Florida Teacher Olivia Sprauer

Olivia Sprauer

I have been following this story.  Olivia Sprauer got fired recently when her modeling portfolio came to the attention of her employer. She is a high school teacher in Florida. This story has gotten attention all over the world. I found this article. I haven’t edited it at all. Looks to be the work of a re-writer. Probably not a native speaker. Just amazing how far media reaches.  ( BTW, I am the first to ignore grammar, spelling etc in pursuit of self expression. I am not a journalist. why do I need a question mark when you already know I am asking a question.   see?  ee cummings loves me.)  You know, don’t even read what follows, it’s drivel anyway, just enjoy the pics.

There is nothing special to pose for “TASTEFUL nudes.” maybe you just can earn some laugh, but as a educator, it definitely not ok ti do that, for you duty is to Inspire your students to learn by using the art of rap to “get on their level.”

Olivia Sprauer, 26-year-old, high school teacher, be fired!

Recently, Olivia Sprauer posed for a set of photographs, she under the name “Victoria James,” appeared on such sites like XXXTremeVisionRadio.When the photo was found by the high school she worked in, she was called into the principal’s office and confirmed that is her, later she was immediately retired!

Then the teacher replied “You can’t fire me. I quit was going to quit anyway!”

She revealed if she leaves the school she may be happier, but she still a little sad as she wants to finish three years with her students!

She can’t accept it, she thought she is right “I don’t open my legs on camera. I take swimsuit glamour style photography.”

At last, Olivia said she will attend her students’ graduation.

It is a loss for her, so do the school! We think!

Good luck Olivia… you will make a fortune cocktailing, dancing, or appearing  in Vegas. Get your butt out here.

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