Nurse admits killing 11, stealing prescription drugs

Nurse admits killing 11, stealing prescription drugs.

A man accused of deliberately lighting a deadly blaze that ripped through a Sydney nursing home in 2011 killing 11 elderly residents pleaded guilty on Monday to murdering them.

Roger Dean, was a nurse at the facility and pleaded guilty to murdering 11 elderly people by setting fire to the Sydney nursing home where he worked.

The 37-year-old registered nurse was on duty when he set the fire and later appeared on television describing his efforts to rescue trapped people at the nursing home in the suburb of Quakers Hill.

Police had questioned him at the home hours before the blaze over theft allegations. He has already pleaded guilty to stealing prescription drugs from the home.

He also admitted eight counts of causing grievous bodily harm to other mostly infirm residents of the home, some of whom suffered from dementia or were blind.

Three residents perished during the inferno Dean started and eight others died later from their injuries. At the time, Dean, a shift worker, was described by locals as a friendly but quiet man who kept to himself.

The fire led to the New South Wales state government ordering a review of criminal screening of staff at nursing homes and an audit of buildings at all aged care facilities.Although the home had fire doors and fire extinguishers, it did not have a sprinkler system.

Reports said family members of the victims in the packed court room wiped away tears and one woman left sobbing. Others were seen weeping outside.

Dean will be sentenced at a later date. He faces life imprisonment.



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