Guitar family portrait

Here they are. Just four at the moment. Call it a guitar family portrait.  More on the way.  A Telecaster, a Gretsch something, a 12 string, and a Martin D-28 are all on the list.  Just parted with a black Les Paul Standard that I bought in Texas some time ago.

The jazz guitar on the far left is a ’75. I recently put in some new P-90s.  I was afraid to but now I am glad I did.  The Stratocaster is a ’99 and has new overwound vintage p-ups. The Washburn is a ’97 Festival Series. The electronics work now nbut didn’t when I got it… I cleaned it up and rewired everything. The entire thing vibrates which I love and it sounds great. I play elixirs with the crazy nanoweb coating thing on ’em and it just rings and rings.

Here is a better look at the mando. Amazing how different it looks in the direct sun.

Here it is again in the shade… looks a lot browner.   There is a story behind this instrument that I will tell another day… for now, let’s just say it was reborn… 😉

Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do scaring the birds out of the yard when I play!

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