The Obama White House confirms asteroid will miss Earth

The Obama White House confirms asteroid will miss Earth.

The gigantic space rock scientists call 1998 QE2 will miss earth, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss it: As asteroid 1998 QE2 zips by Earth today (May 31), with its newly discovered moon in tow, astronomers and space-lovers alike can watch the flyby live in the video above.

Slooh Moon

Slooh Moon

The SLOOH SpaceCamera webcast starts at 4:30 p.m. EDT, tracking the near-Earth asteroid‘s close approach live from the Canary Islands.

Astronomers discovered the 1.7-mile-long space rock in 1998 as part of the MIT Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research program near Socorro, N.M.

It is reported that the giant space rock won’t really even come that close to the Earth.  The closest it would come is still 14 times farther away then the moon is to the Earth. But you know how people are and how the media loves to make people panic. 14 times farther away than the moon isn’t even worth mentioning. But leave it to the White House. White House spokesman Josh Earnest reassured Americans during a press briefing that scientists have concluded the asteroid “poses no threat to planet Earth.”    Mr. Obama saves us again. He has reassured us. Wow! Now that’s Presidential! Or in other words, if Mr. Obama says there is nothing to worry about, we can all go back to watching Honey Boo Boo  re runs. Now where is my remote control?


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