Good guy Travolta crashes wedding, poses for pics

Good guy Travolta  crashes wedding, poses for pics.

John Travolta

John Travolta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you JT for not acting like an ass like so many you celeb counterparts who expect traffic to stop for them when they go out in public. In town to get an aircraft license renewal and finding out that the common man is getting married the next day, then showing up for pics has mensch written all over it. Nice one!

I sensed this already about you – you lucky bastard, plus you need to pay us all back anyway,  after getting to work with Uma Thurman. The only girl who could pull off the character in Pulp Fiction, and you couldn’t have complimented her better. Intense idea for a movie.

Back to the wedding you crazy guy… I am so sick of the celeb drivel and attention grabs. Seems like you just went and did what a regular guy would have done!  Thanks!   Keep it going. Please… and uh…. I wanna send Uma a selfie… TM me her #, k?  Love you guys together!  CINEMA!

Imagine what people were thinking when you walked in! That was nice of you.  I think you understand your celebrity… I think it is important. To know and feel your own influence…. good on ya mate!  I am sure the young married couple had a thrill… maybe the Dad remembered stayin’ alive and the groom had no idea?

Cheers!  Call my peeps, booobie,  Cheers..  dpatlarge..out!

Thanks JT… I mean it. Now get outta here!


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