Sunday morning breakfast

Zitrone auf Zitronenpresse

I did it again… not what you would expect…. tastes better than it sounds. Sorry, no pics this time… I was as busy eating as I was cooking.

Dish 1:      Lemon Shot –   Fresh squeezed lemon juice, dash of  cayenne, shot glass rimmed with kosker salt. Pure vitamin C.

Dish 2:     Buckwheat Pancake Short stack Tossed a habanero and some fresh basil into a blender then added it to the batter. Poured batter on very hot griddle. Cooked until tender. Served with real butter and splash of maple syrup.

Dish 3 :   Tomato Juice6oz served w lemon wedge and a grind of black pepper. Serve it very cold.

Dish 4 :   Poached Eggs– Served in bowl with some chopped cilantro and crositini done in EVOO, kosher salt, basil leaves, and melted american cheese. Poached eggs get a little black pepper. Don’t forget to put some vinegar in your boiling water.

Dish 5 :   Fresh berries-  Bowl of fresh berries served cold doused with fresh whipping cream and a little honey.

If you noticed… beyond the actual food itself, there are very few other ingredients in this breakfast which I really like. Not a lot in the way of additives, preservatives, processing, etc. Nothing packaged, canned, or frozen. I think simple foods like this are much healthier, easier to make, taste better and are much less expensive to prepare. What do you think?

Then of course, can’t have a Sunday morning without coffee so I had to finish it all off with fresh steaming cups of french roast coffee and the Sunday newspaper on the patio. The tree in my yard is in bloom so the hummingbirds are buzzing around and the sun is climbing faster than the temperatures!  We are on our way to 112 degrees again today! How’s that for Las Vegas living!  

Anyone wanna come over and do the dishes. I saved some lemon juice for ya.




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