Women’s News: Three Little Words You Should NEVER Say on a First Date

I think this is really good advice. Do what you must but the need to explain every little detail is a tells me a person a lot about you. Give the person some time and the LET THEM tell you what they want you to know. Googling someone is like going for the throat! Thanks Debbie! Cheers!



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Debbie Burgin

Divorce coach and author, ‘The Joy of Ex’

Divorced or not, dating can be a daunting prospect in any circumstance. But there’s one thing in particular that screams “RUN” that you should probably be aware of.

There are three little words that no woman (or man) wants to hear on the first date. (Besides the obvious three little words.)

When someone first said these three little words to me, I think I was more surprised than anything else. But the second, third, and fourth time it happened, it was just creepy.

What ARE these three little words?

“I Googled You.”
On more than one occasion, someone has told me on a first (and last) date, “So! I Googled you! And you’ve been busy!” Ick.

I get it. You’re curious. We’re all curious. But telling someone that you Googled them on the first date gives them that icky…

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