Firing of Paula Deen latest proof of double standard

Firing of Paula Deen latest proof of double standard.

I am probably wrong and you are probably right. This is strictly my opinion so if you don’t like it… well…

Paula Deen got fired for admitting she made references to slavery and admitting the use of the N word. I am not clear that she said these things on the air. Her offices, her show prep, kitchen studio, etc are considered her work space so if she said these things in that setting…Houston, we have a problem.

You don’t even have to like her… or her show. Not the point really, the point is… it is time to stop using the N word altogether.

Personally, I find the N word used in any manner detestable, degrading, and disgusting. I think that because my parents taught me racism was wrong when I was a kid in the 60’s. I grew up in a melting pot. I know racial tension. I lived it. I didn’t like how it made me feel.  I hate racism. I hate when we hate because of what a person eats, thinks, believes, how they pray, what they wear, how much money they make, how they smell, where they live. I want you to find a way to be your best. I want to see you bloom. I love the underdog. I marvel at the waste of limited thinkers. People who argue their limitations live in a little box.  I don’t ever want to say CAN”T in front of another human being. That’s just me.

Have we as a society not learned from and moved on from the pain caused by name calling, hate speech, torturing, scarring, killing, and all kinds of evil doing to one another because on skin color?  May I ask you a question? Did you get to pick your skin color when you were born? When will organized ignorance cease?

We glorify those who lead us, who educate us, who try to  improve our lives. Not all of the people who influence us and our society are perfect human beings. Who is perfect after all? Don’t we pick and choose who we love and who we hate? Is Paula perfect? Lil Wayne? Brent Musberger? Fuzzy ZoellerTell me who is. Are you? I’m not…as far as I know.

Didn’t we hate Lebron James for a couple of years? Now look. What changed there? Did he change that much, or did our attitude towards him change? Maybe we just learned more about him and now understand him better. Now people think he is a hero. 

Sometimes we just find heroes in events. Heroes do things that no one can argue with. They earn everyone’s respect. When I say…. the gentleman who landed that airplane in the river and kept it above water until everyone got out… you go to the visual of those people standing on the wing of the plane in the middle of the river. You may not recall which airline, which river, or the name of the pilot. But your mind goes there to the image of the people on the wing of the plane in the water.  You go to that gentle soul, that humble man. He explained it by saying, “All I did is what I was trained to do.” He then faded away. Out from the spot light. Hero. End of story.

Sully and his plane

Some of our heroes were taken from us. Ayrton Senna, Versace, John Lennon, JFK, Dale Sr, Dr. M. L. King, Marilyn, Michael Jackson,  Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Some did themselves in. Jimi, Janis, John Belushi, and an incredible list of others. Imagine the lifetime output of these men and women ha they been able to endure.

Some lived long and quiet lives and some just could never put down the spotlight…Gene Hackman, Joan Rivers.

A few we were even glad to see go.

We let the people we look up to establish our standards of behavior. Like it or not. Elvis did a lot for you. So did Eli Whitney, Abraham Lincoln, Muddy Waters, Charlie Chaplin, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford,  Miles Davis, Rosa Parks, your teachers, your family doctors, the man at the bank who gave your parents a mortgage in 1959,  Eric Dickerson. Sandy Koufax, Bo Jackson. Everyone before you set standards you were meant to live by as our society progressed.

The Food Network  exists as a profit making vessel for those who choose to invest in it, own it in whatever form, or support it through advertising, or consume the shows which technically could be considered an artist’s work product. You know the drill. For the everyday JOE, The Food Network is entertainment. As such, Paula Deen is an entertainer. Do you follow me? She was raised in the south. She has her own life experience, her own perspective. Her life and attitudes were shaped by those around her and as she grew up. She came to believe the things she knows and believes today as an adult by her early influences.

Don’t get me wrong…racism is never ok. You can explain away or justify anything, even jumping off a bridge.

Paula is an American citizen and is free to express herself in any damn way she chooses.  ( unless of course she is a Verizon customer then she better be careful! )    🙂

Let’s hip hop over to another form of entertainment.

Record companies exist as a profit making vessel for those who choose to invest in them, own them in whatever form, or support them through advertising, through purchase of the artistic work product, or the products of their sponsors. You know the drill. For the everyday JOE. The record producers, record companies, along with musicians are in the entertainment biz. Am I wrong? As such, a rap artist  is an entertainer. Do you follow me?

Have you ever heard hip hop music? If the answer is yes, then I am willing to bet you have heard the N word in the music somewhere. You almost can’t ignore it.   A few years ago, a high profile hip hop music mogul, with a mansion, a hot wife, the  fancy cars, etc. defended the use of the N word in hip hop as a necessary artistic device for the artist to express their personal life experience growing up in the ‘hood. Really? In 2013?

It’s like saying that rat bastard Monet and his available light, or Picasso and those damn eyes on the same side of that bitch’s face, or what the hell was with Miles? Or that soup can thing? Really Andy?  Using the N word is not art and it is not an artistic device. It is something else.

In my opinion, there wasn’t a big enough truck to haul that load of Mogul crap away.  Best part of it, Mr. Mogul got away with it.. people agreed…the media lined up and adored his words.

Today they remix the songs your hear on the radio to INCLUDE THE N WORD so they will PLAY IN THE SONGS IN CLUBS. That’s vulgar plain and simple.

I was in a high profile Vegas night club not long ago. The DJ was from LA. The music he was playing was an onslaught of N words. Filthy, vulgar lyrics, Endless N words, F words, P word, bitches this, bitches that. The music was an assault. It was beyond edgy. I had a sense that the music put the crowd on edge. It never stopped. I found the music offensive. I was not entertained.

The crowd was mostly Caucasian. People paid $50 to go in at the door. All this to be cool and listen to a DJ spin racial slurs, derogatory and demeaning phrases against women, and describe sex acts and body parts. The DJ was paid as an entertainer. Just like Paula.

Anyway, sure, a Hip Hopper has their own life experience and as an American citizen is free to express themselves in any way they like. Just like Paula.

I have a choice about how I spend my $200 on Saturday night. Let me tell you, my choice is not listening to the N word being blasted over a PA system until 5 am. I hope the highlight of any night on the town is not DJ somebody screaming ” PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP.” 

There is more to life. Corvettes, amusing little Cab Savs with nutty finishes, 6 foot tall smoldering hot brunettes named Blair who would just as soon wait for you in the lobby of the palms as they would stand you up for a lunch date. Life is Junior Wells , Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, a handful of fresh habaneros, 91 Kenny Burrell songs in row, or uni over hot rice with an ice cold Asahi Super Dry.

Isn’t it funny that who says the N word makes it right or wrong.

Our Hip Hoppers can say N 36 times in 3:53 seconds and make millions. Paula says it  and loses a TV show. Don’t hate Paula, hate the double standard.

Like it or not, agree with me or not…. I think it is…. a double standard.Tell me if I am wrong… Double standard or no?

And that’s just the world of entertainment.

What happens in the streets? In high schools? On workplaces? In neighborhoods?  Oh, you never hear the N word there? Right!

I’ll drop you off on the corner in some the neighborhoods I know. You N word till you hit the ceiling. I don’t mean a little. I mean a lot. I mean at the top of your lungs. Go ahead, express yourself, the N word is an established artistic device. We’ll even stick around and video the whole thing and send it to your boss on Monday morning. You don’t need an entertainer contract. You are free to speak. You won’t offend anybody. Double standard? Hell no! Ain’t no big thing. Just a word.  

Knock yourself out. I won’t need to come back for you.

Here is a link to a funny story that will make you laugh. I promise! -dp

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