Paula Deen shoulda been a rapper!

Paula Deen shoulda been a rapper!

Remember my post a few days ago  (here is the link) about the double standard in today’s society where a Caucasian lady who cooks on TV admitted to making use of the N word in the course of her work as a TV personality and celebrity chef and got fired for it You know, Paula Deen.

I happened to hear references to marijuana, and use of the N word blaring out of a teenage girl’s iPhone 4 music player yesterday and stopped to ask her.  “Hey, cool song, who is the artist?” She said “Wiz Khalifa“.   I asked. “What song?  “It’s Let’s get medicated.”   And what station? “Pandora.” I said, “Never heard of it. Cool! Thanks.”

Here I go with the double standard crap again. I don’t care if you don’t care. For the record. I don’t use the N word ever. I can’t say it out loud even in private. It is completely offensive to me. People who know me will attest. I am not going to change the world.

Just hear me out. Then you decide.

You do the research.. Look up the lyrics to the song ” Let’s Get Medicated”  Identify the record label who produces the artist known as Wiz Khalifa. There is a gentleman who owns the label.  Make note of this gentleman’s race.

Look up the senior management of the Food Network and Pandora.  All of the names and backgrounds of the senior executives are published. Fine. Make note of race while we are at it since most of the executives who are making $ from this artist and similar artists are Caucasian.

If Paula Deen is a racist for using the N word aren’t these record company people too. Or am I missing something.

Finally, print out the lyrics for Let’s get medicated and carry them with you. Next time you are in line at the supermarket, the bank, or getting a haircut. Pull them out and sing them word for word in front of others. Watch for the reaction. Are you entertaining them or offending them. All I am doing here is asking a question. Not judging.

I know I am out of my mind… but you are still reading.

I am not picking on anybody. Double standards aren’t fair anywhere, why are they ok here?

Hundreds of people read my last post. No one liked it or commented on it. Let me know what you think. There is a form for that at the bottom of the page.



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