dp@large funny gifs #7

 Funny gifs. I really don’t need to say more than that. See if you agree.

Just in time for the weekend!

dp@large funny gifs #7

This is the only way to cure stage fright or fear of speaking in front of a crowd of people. Hope she was wearing a diaper!

cure for fear of speaking in front of people

Okay, sure, the guy makes a catch. But when he puts his head down he tells everyone “I just made the catch of the century.” This is on camera with no celebration or disbelief on his part? Is it ‘shopped? Is it on a string? Penn & Teller could answer that one. 

he planned this

This one I think is not that hard to do. It is just that the rest of the human race is working or dealing with paying their bills to think of this let alone practice it 263,974 times before getting it to actually work. He would have gotten it sooner had his moron cousin on the left actually rolled the tire correctly earlier in the month. 

Luck or skill

This one is all skill. Not to mention he demoralizes his opponent with the behind the back kill shot. End of story. 

tennis table shot for the ages

Here is an idea. Use the door as it was intended.

just pay the fare next time

Well, there you have them, funny gifs #7. Stay tuned, there will be more. Send me your favorite. dpatlarge@yahoo.com  Thanks!


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