dp@large site is not down. I am not surprised!

dp@large site in not down. So there!

Not news really.  It never crashes.  Nope. Never has.

While we are waiting for it to load…

  • Ivanka Trump, you know, the American Businesswoman is not revealing the sex of her baby to anyone. Frankly, I couldn’t give sh*t one way or the other. Surprised? Well, I am just a little.
  • Lessee.   Oh yea, Kim Kardashian is a blonde now. She is in Paris with her husband, Kanye West. I think she popped a kid recently. Must be home with Granny Kardashian. Granny posed in a bikini shortly after announcing her divorce to Olympic hero Bruce JennerSurprised? Well, I am just a little.
  • Come to think of it, you know, Ivanka has more tall buildings with her name on the top. I think the idea of keeping up with the Kardashians is lost on the Trumps. Can you imagine Derek Jeter moving into a Kardashian Tower? Wait, what? You stole a Kardashian Plaza towel and soap? Really?
  • Robin Thicke‘s mom is STILL PISSED about Mylie Cyrus.  Surprised? Well, I am just a little. You know, There are no tall buildings with Robin Thicke’s mom’s name on the top. I checked. (hey. I’m a journalist over here)
  • Our Vice President… Biden…  Traveled to Paris earlier this year and booked 450 rooms in a hotel for his entourage. (Entourage is a French word meaning a lot of people.)
  • It hasn’t rained on October 14th in Las Vegas since 1937.  No kidding.
  • Si Robertson from ‘Duck Dynasty’ has a beautiful daughter. Knowing this….now you can rest.

Hell… that Obamacare site is still down. oh,

  • BTW, Congress, Senate, POTUS, and all them should be ashamed.   By they way, they are getting paid their full salary no matter what happens. Gotta keep those direct deposits directly depositing come hell, high water, or government shutdowns. 

Obamacare? What?

Other than that… not much more to share other than the Obamacare site is still down. Maybe tomorrow.



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