3 Lamborghinis burn in million-dollar wreck

3 Lamborghinis burn in million-dollar wreck

3 Lamborghinis burn in million-dollar wreck

The upside to owning a car like a Lamborghini Aventador or Gallardo comes easily; the speed, the attention, the status. The downside comes from when something goes awry — like it did badly on a Malaysian freeway this morning, when three Lamborghinis — two Gallardos and an Aventator — collided and burst into flames, in a million-dollar bonfire. Somebody has some explaining to do.

According to local reports, five Lamborghinis registered in Singapore were traveling toward Kuala Lumpur in a convoy when one of the Lamborghini drivers lost control. That Lambo hit the road divider, triggering the crash with the other two cars. None of the drivers were hurt.

No car has been involved in No car has been involved in more high-profile whoops-de-do than Gallardos. Given that the last one left the factory last month, the value of those on the road may start to rise — if their owners can keep them in one piece.



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