New Year’s Eve 1914

Today, New Year’s Eve in Times Square is a bona fide international phenomenon. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people gather in Times Square, and wait for hours in the cold of a New York winter for the famous Ball-lowering ceremony.

Thanks to satellite technology, a worldwide audience estimated at over one billion people watches the ceremony each year. The lowering of the Ball has become the world’s symbolic welcome to the New Year.

What did it look like 100 years ago?  Have a peek!

New Year's Eve 1914 1

Sure looks like the same fun.

New Year's Eve 1914  2

Hey!  I think that’s Dick Clark!

New Year's Eve 1914  3

Flash mobs are not a new idea. Back to the drawing board.

New Year's Eve 1914  4

And today….     Happy New Year!  Welcome 2014.



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