Frank Zappa 1963 TV appearance

Frank Zappa 1963 TV appearance

Frank Zappa appeared on the Steve Allen Show in March of 1963 and performed a very interesting and musical piece featuring 2 bicycles.

All 130 pounds of Zappa appeared in suit and tie, not our normal image for him. He of course was very articulate, well prepared, and intense. Clean shaven and hair trimmed. He even showed some natural comedic timing while playing straight man to Allen’s non stop one liners. Actually, you are watching two really quick thinking performers together on stage. An unlikely pair if there ever was. We know Allen as a comedian. We know Frank Zappa for his later musical output. Somehow it works.

Some of you may know that I studied music and composition when I was a young man. I belonged to a group of New Music Composers who wrote music like this. This is not my most favorite genre but there is a place for it. Takes some getting used to. Maybe some extra open mindedness. A little let’s try it and see.  It doesn’t sound like Mozart and it isn’t supposed to. It’s art. It is a form of Art. I am sure you have heard of the avante garde composer John Cage. Even Yoko Ono performed “New Music” before hooking up with…uh… what was his name? Oh, well… it’ll come to me.

Listen with an open mind. A snip of  the Frank Zappa we hardly knew. Enjoy the one liners from the always on Allen and explore. Don’t miss Zappa plug his new album ” How’s your bird?” which came out a week later.

I would love to hear your comments.  

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