Confessions of a jar collector

I am about to tell you everything.


I collect jars. You saved the salsa jar after you finished it off. Washed it, and it is under the sink waiting for another assignment. We understand each other.

I cook. I buy everything fresh. That means I have to store what I buy until I need it in the kitchen. I have been doing for so long it is now just a way of life.

I buy fresh crema from Cardenas. It comes in a one pound plastic container scooped up from the bin. When I get it home, it goes into a glass jar and into the fridge. I can keep it at least 8-9 days that way and it is always ready and easy to use.

Hummus goes right into a jar from the blender. Topped off with olive oil and into the fridge. Ready when I want to eat it. Perfect.

Habaneros get the same treatment after a quick rinse and packing with a wet paper towel to keep them cold and wet. 10 or 12 peppers like this keep about a week and they get chopped and thrown in everything.

Black olives out the can into a jar.

Marinated Jalapenos have a special huge jar that is continuously full of peppers. Stays cold. I leave the brine and keep refilling it. I also drop an onion or handful of shallots into the brine which will pickle them over a week or so.

Any leftover grilled onions for to the morning omelet for instance goes into a jar. I think the jar keeps better than plastic.

When I make salsas, sauces, dips, storage is so easy.  Flax seeds, oats, quinoa and so on.

I have a couple of tall jars which I use to store celery stalks. After washing, I cut to length and leave them in the jar in the fridge. Works great.

How many jars I have I am not at liberty to mention. I do keep an inventory. Shapes and sizes, yes. Just how many, well. If I tell ya, I will have to …

Salt and pepper? I recycled old vinegar bottles that look like a bulb with a long neck. Washed them out. Let’em dry. Filled with pepper and kosher salt and I am in business. I also use about 4-5 other ones for flavoring small quantities of olive oil. One with EVOO and crushed red pepper, one with EVOO and garlic for instance.

salt and pepper

I have large pickle jar I use when I make pickled peppers in the fridge. When not pickling, I used it store fresh basil sprigs I get from the Asian grocery.

I keep my jars hidden and out sight. My jars are nobody’s business but my own. Certain shapes work best. Large volume jars with wide mouths. I have several jars with no lids. Actually 6 jars are still not paired with a lid. Just kidding, I threw that it… I don’t know what got into me. I don’t actually know how many are missing lids. Really, you have to believe me. No, really.

Sometimes the lids get thrown away by accident. When this happens, terse memos are fired off to possible offenders reminding them to respect the jars and lids of others.

Often straggling lids just show up in a few days and get paired with the correct jar. Some lids fit jars that did not start life together. That they weren’t originally a pair but work later is a real bonus. I am currently working on a name for this phenomenon. N.B. Once I figure it out it will remain a secret, sorry. Let something like that out and next thing you know, people will be asking for all kinds of information I am just not willing to share.

One more thing. I need to talk to the person who makes the glue to affix the labels onto the damn glass jar. They must be really proud of their glue. Really? Affixing a label is wonderful. It is important. A label on a pickle jar does not need to survive a scud missile attack.


Oh, the olives in your fridge, you have plans for the jar when, ah…you know… they’re gone?




3 thoughts on “Confessions of a jar collector

  1. We are recycle freaks here at home , too. Extra nails? In the jar. Screws, etc.. olives, asian salted black beans, and on and on….. all properly labeled. That’s my parents’ habit too. And I have a feeling I’m going to be like them.


    • Throwing jars out quickly? I buy products thinking I can use the jar later in my collection. Learning later when the jar goes missing that it has been discarded is demoralizing. Especially true with larger jars or ones with good shapes. I’m a mess! LOL!


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