Goblin Sharks

Goblin Shark

Now here is a creature you just don’t see everyday. A Goblin Shark. It has a Japanese name as well which is Mitsukurina Owstoni. A rather bizarre looking creature and many who see it for the first time don’t think it is real.  You almost don’t blame since it really doesn’t look like something you would expect to see swimming around. It does exist as pictured though. It really isn’t even on any protected species list since marine biologists don’t know how many exist.

Goblin Sharks like living in very deep ocean surrounds and close to the ocean floor. They have a bizarre pink color and that is due to the fact that their skin is transparent and the blood vessels you see through the skin make the shark appear pink. Having researched this creature and looked at a number of photographs, I can’t be sure just how pink. I looked at a number of black and white pics and the one for this article may have been enhanced. One more thing, the one in this pic must have been out of the water for a while since there is no water around it or on the dock. Maybe that makes the pink jump.

No one knows how many Goblin Sharks there are in existence since they are not spotted all that often. When they are sighted, it is in deep water off the coast of Japan, in the Gulf of Mexico and around in the Pacific. (that should narrow it down for you in case you want to go goblin hunting, huh?)


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