Style Icon: Sophia Loren

There are moments when Moms, Dads, Movie Producers, Product Designers, Creative types, Photographers, Agents, and idea people hit on something for the very first time. Well before anyone else realizes what they have, they are fortunate enough to know that what sits in front of them. Something or …… more


dp@large newlook 2


3 thoughts on “Style Icon: Sophia Loren

    • Taken in 1960! Wow. I picked #2 & #7 since they show her in less fashion but still a certain attraction comes through like she is someone you know and have coffee with or one of your friends. All of the pics are wow though and there are so many it was really difficult to choose. Did you notice I tended to pick ones that looked similar? LOL. I am one of those people that keeps buying the same looking tie over and over. I need to checked out. LOL. ( I think I have good taste though…) Cheers! Be well! dp


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