The NEW pastime

It is a nation of 314 million. On the back of a dollar bill the words “e pluribus unum” are printed. We come from everywhere.

Information zips around the globe as fast as technology can carry it. We know about world events in real time. For example, Twitter has been used to report details real time during times of social upheaval and oppression. Twitter! Bus goes over a rail in Peru, we got it on every channel. Content never sleeps.

Media and content is so powerful that it is best MANAGED, or CONTROLLED, or USED to your ADVANTAGE. Governments know this and fear its potential destructive force. There are press secretaries, spy planes, drones with cameras, Nancy Grace, media consultants, dash cams, cell phone cams, video surfaces all the time, Instagram, Tumblr, GEO data, expert witnesses, live camera crews cruising in vans, and reporters ready on the scene for every conceivable event. News crews hovering a private wedding in a helicopter are passe.  Telephoto lens sales are up!   So what is the pastime? ……..   CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE!

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