Fundraiser: I am helping a struggling family during the holidays

Hello Everyone.

I have started an emergency fund to help a struggling family bridge a difficult financial time.

Family stress caused by financial problems, business failures, and health issues are especially difficult during the holiday season. That’s why I have chosen to start a fund raiser for a family I know experiencing all three of these issues at the same time. All causing strife during what should be a time of joy for a usually happy and honest family. Having lost the business, the Father remains in debt and unemployed. It is devastating to see and the impact is reaching into family relationships. On top of that, the Father has health issues which limits what new work he can take on. This combination has the family in a state of emergency in terms of finances.

Without external financial help, I would expect them to experience more strife and family stress. The fundraising activity I have in mind would last for a short period of time, say up to 30 days. I hope to be able to get $12,000 or so which I expect could bridge them for a 3-4 month period until the employment situation turns around and they get back to their feet. In addition, the holidays are just around the corner, I personally saw to it that a Thanksgiving dinner was made available to them and they were thrilled if not grateful.  More help is needed. It is a difficult thing to be strapped during the holidays. All of us has experienced this at one time or another. Some of us when we were starting out, some of us later on. It happens, when it does, that generosity of others can be a true blessing and the beginning of a true money miracle.  Please consider a gift. I would like to present funds to them in December. Give what you can.

Thank you and God Bless.

Here is the link to the donation page. 

Please consider a gift.

Give what you can.

Kindly share this link with others who may want to help.

Thank you!





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