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Here are the latest posts on the new dp@large.

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Amanda Knox going to prison

Amanda Knox trial: Murder conviction upheld in appeals court in Florence.

Amanda Knox


BREAKING NEWS: Amanda Knox has been found guilty by an Italian court for the 2007 death of Meredith Kercher. The judge sentenced Knox to 28 years and six months in prison. Her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was sentenced to 25 years. Italian appeals court upheld the initial conviction.

The court reinstated the guilty verdict first handed down against Knox and Raffaele Sollecito in 2009. The verdict had been overturned in 2011 and the pair freed from prison, but Italy’s supreme court vacated that decision and sent the case back for a third trial in Florence.



Thank you, Pete Seeger

RIP Pete Seeger.

His land was your land. An American Classic.


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Ukraine’s Capital Descends Into Chaos

Ukraine’s Capital Descends Into Chaos

I found this article about Ukraine and thought I would share. How can this happen? Where is a solution? It is an obvious political crisis. Putin loaned 15 billion to Ukraine. Is there another solution besides money and military might? Must people suffer the same way they had to in Sarajevo? ( I realize it is a different problem but this did make me think  of the bombed out Olympic Stadium in Sarajevo.)


Searching for photos, there are so many of the protests. Human drama.

Ukraine Protest. Protesters clash with police at Presidential office in Kiev, Ukraine

I read a bunch of the recent reports. I liked this one the best as it puts you in the problem better than the other reports.

The biggest nation in Eastern Europe is rapidly sliding into anarchy as the world watches from the sidelines. In Kiev, Ukraine, political activists are disappearing, journalists are being shot at and government-paid thugs are hunting down protesters.

Events escalated after the Ukrainian parliament, seeking to end protests over the government’s decision to scuttle an association pact with the European Union, passed a set of harsh laws last week clamping down on the freedoms of speech and assembly. The draconian measures enraged a motley crew of soccer fans and right-wing militants, who engaged in a sustained battle with police attempting to bar entry to the government quarter. The police used tear gas, rubber bullets and noise grenades, sometimes tying stones to the latter to inflict more damage. Rioters countered with sticks and makeshift shields, and before too long with real shields seized from the police. Both sides threw Molotov cocktails and stones.

Eyewitnesses said that police seemed to be intentionally shooting at cameramen and photographers. No exception was made for pro-government publications and TV channels: The goal appeared to be to prevent footage of the fighting from finding an audience. Some journalists, like this brave Polish TV reporter, nevertheless managed to document the street war.

It was only a matter of time before someone got killed. On Jan. 22, riot police fatally shot two protesters, Sergei Nigoyan and Mikhail Zhiznevsky, on Grushevsky street in downtown Kiev. One well-known activist, Yuri Verbitsky, was found dead in the woods outside the capital. He and a colleague, Igor Lutsenko, had been taken to the woods from a Kiev hospital as part of a broader action in which police and plain-clothed thugs rounded up wounded rioters. Lutsenko, who says he was severely beaten, made his way back to the city. Police say Verbitsky died from exposure, not from the obvious injuries found on his body.

Normally a safe, friendly city, Kiev is now terrorized by groups of thugs, who freely admit they are being paid about $25 a night to scare and beat people who look like protesters.

It’s hard to imagine all this happening in a 21st century European city. The Western reaction? A few angry statements from U.S. senatorsand concerned noises from EU bureaucrats. Yanukovych, known to be free with his promises, told European Commission President Manuel Barroso that he would not introduce a state of emergency. Even without this formality, the Ukrainian capital is a city at war. I have seen angry townspeople wearing motorcycle and bicycle helmets carrying tires to the site of the clashes to build stinking bonfires, which have submerged the area in a gray fog.

From a purely financial perspective, Russian President Vladimir Putin should be unhappy with Yanukovich. Russia has pledged $15 billion, $3 billion of which it has already spent on Ukrainian bonds, to bring the government back from the brink of default and calm the political situation. Yet Yanukovich has only further provoked the protesters and threatened Ukraine’s solvency, spending the money to shore up his support by paying the salaries and pensions of poverty-stricken public sector workers, troops and police. Nonetheless, the Russian government is preparing to release another $2 billion to Ukraine this month.

In a column for the Moscow daily Vedomosti, Vladimir Fedorin, former editor of Forbes Ukraine, speculated that Yanukovych would try to quash the protests by Feb. 7, when the Sochi Winter Olympics are due to open. “That wouldn’t be a bad gift for his Moscow patron,” Fedorin wrote. “The man who, with his Ukrainian colleague, bears responsibility for turning peaceful political protest into a street war, will have to answer a lot of questions from Western leaders who do not pass on going to Sochi.”

That is something of an idealistic view. The West does not care enough about what is going on in Ukraine to engage Putin, who has laid claim to the country by financing a rogue, oppressive regime.

(Leonid Bershidsky is a Bloomberg View contributor. Follow him on Twitter.)



MLB suspends Alex Rodriguez for 2014 season

MLB suspends Alex Rodriguez for 2014 season.


First of all, I have to say I’m not a Yankees fan. I don’t like Alex Rodriguez and I think Bud Selig is the worst commissioner of baseball in major league baseball history. I think he’s got a major conflict of interest going being a former owner. I think he is totally disengaged from the real life, every day fan, and I think he has done an absolute terrible job of running the major league baseball.

A-Rod, without having failed a drug test, now has a 162 suspension from baseball ahead of him. That will cost him 25 million dollars on the remaining 82 million on his contract. Selig is happy I bet. I always say that actions speak louder than words. Selig must be doing everything he can think of to put the steroids era of baseball behind us and it appears that he dearly wants A-Rod out of the game. Looks like he gets his wish.

If A-Rod does come back he will be 39. Lots of questions ahead for all involved. Does he return at all? Will the Yankees want him? Will another team? Nothing is clear.

Wait till the New York press gets a hold of him and this story starting right now. Hold on to your pinstripes. We will hear about this for the rest of the year. Spring training is right around the corner. Pitchers and catchers come in starting February. We will never hear the end of it.