Amanda Knox going to prison

Amanda Knox trial: Murder conviction upheld in appeals court in Florence.

Amanda Knox


BREAKING NEWS: Amanda Knox has been found guilty by an Italian court for the 2007 death of Meredith Kercher. The judge sentenced Knox to 28 years and six months in prison. Her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was sentenced to 25 years. Italian appeals court upheld the initial conviction.

The court reinstated the guilty verdict first handed down against Knox and Raffaele Sollecito in 2009. The verdict had been overturned in 2011 and the pair freed from prison, but Italy’s supreme court vacated that decision and sent the case back for a third trial in Florence.



10 Members of Mexican Band Die in Car Crash

10 Members of Mexican Band Die in Car CrashPolice say that 10 members of the musical group La Reyna de Monterrey have been killed and five injured in a road accident in northern Mexico.

A police official says the driver of the vehicle that was carrying the band dozed off Saturday morning, causing the vehicle to strike the side of a truck then cross over into the other lane and crash head on with a tractor-trailer. The official spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons.

The official said the impact was so powerful that many band members were thrown from the vehicle onto the highway connecting Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey.

La Reyna de Monterrey played the musical genre known as Banda music. It had played in a bar in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas on Friday night.