MLB suspends Alex Rodriguez for 2014 season

MLB suspends Alex Rodriguez for 2014 season.


First of all, I have to say I’m not a Yankees fan. I don’t like Alex Rodriguez and I think Bud Selig is the worst commissioner of baseball in major league baseball history. I think he’s got a major conflict of interest going being a former owner. I think he is totally disengaged from the real life, every day fan, and I think he has done an absolute terrible job of running the major league baseball.

A-Rod, without having failed a drug test, now has a 162 suspension from baseball ahead of him. That will cost him 25 million dollars on the remaining 82 million on his contract. Selig is happy I bet. I always say that actions speak louder than words. Selig must be doing everything he can think of to put the steroids era of baseball behind us and it appears that he dearly wants A-Rod out of the game. Looks like he gets his wish.

If A-Rod does come back he will be 39. Lots of questions ahead for all involved. Does he return at all? Will the Yankees want him? Will another team? Nothing is clear.

Wait till the New York press gets a hold of him and this story starting right now. Hold on to your pinstripes. We will hear about this for the rest of the year. Spring training is right around the corner. Pitchers and catchers come in starting February. We will never hear the end of it.