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Plus lots of other interesting articles too…. you should check it out with just a click…

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dp@large newlook

 dp@large has a new home

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 @dpatlarge and @dpatlarge2

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Unfortunate restaurant names

Truth is stranger than fiction. We have pictures to prove it.

bad restaurant names 1


bad restaurant names 2


bad restaurant names 3


bad restaurant names 4


bad restaurant names 5


bad restaurant names 6


bad restaurant names 7


bad restaurant names 8


Would you please ask someone who speaks English before you go into business? If you can’t do that, ask your sign maker at least.

You can get with this! Or you can get with that!

You can get with this! Or you can get with that!

This customer service lesson is so simple I almost decided not to write it out. I will share with you what happened and what I think should have happened. Tell me if you agree.

Here’s the story.   I own a pair of Lucchese boots. I’ve had them for a year. It’s a nice pair and I often get compliments. Someone once told me if I was wearing them standing next to a Lamborghini, I would notice your boots. That’s a nice compliment. I never thought they were that spectacular. Anyway, I am in my favorite western store and tell my boot guy, “hey my boots are starting to wear and I want to have them a good long while.” Boot guy looked at them then produced a business card from his shirt pocket. It’s the card from a repair shop. He says, “these guys are the best around.” BG suggested that I drop them off and told me I could even use his name. I send all of my customers his way he says. Best around?  Nice one! BG. Good enough for me.


I dropped by the repair  late Saturday and showed the card to the counter man who turns out to be the owner. His name is on the card. I tell me he came highly recommended by BG and asked if he could remove the wear on my boots. “Sure”, he said, “when do you need them?”  I said, “No hurry, how about end of the week?” He tells me, “Not a problem, pay me now though, total is $65”. Good thing I wasn’t at an auction! I handed him my AMEX without flinching. I am thinking, Boot Guy told me he was the best and you pay for the best. Go for it. I walked away with a claim check.

Waiting the week it kept popping into my mind that if repair guy is indeed the best, if he has all this equipment, my boots are going to look great… repaired, polished, ready to go. I was excited just thinking about it. I returned to the shop, the owner helps me once again, pulls a shopping bag to the counter and there they are. Repair Guy Owner quickly pulls them out and shows me the soles. I say great. He drops them back into the bag and off I go. I get them home… they weren’t polished.

I was disappointed more than anything. I can put a shine on them myself, not a problem. Hearing he was “the best” put a reasonable expectation in my mind that something more valuable than $65 was going to happen.

I guess this is what I was expecting. When I told him I was referred by BG, the first thing RG should have asked me was… “have you ever been in my shop before?”  RG should have also told me “you have a nice pair of boots here and since you are a new customer, I will make sure I get the work done perfectly, so that if you… you know, stand next to a lime green  Lambo or somethin’, people will notice your Luccheses.”

That’s reasonable, right? That’s the sell. Sell the sizzle? Right? He should have also made a note to contact my guy, (actually it is his guy) at the boot store to say “THANKS”. He should have mentioned “keep sending me customers you think I can help and drop by so I take care of you too.” Then maybe give him MORE CARDS, a brochure, a Baja Fresh gift card or something.

Then, do the work perfectly the first time. Before handing the boots back to me. Dress the heels, cover them in boot wax and take them to the buffer machine and put a mirror finish on them. THEN put them back in the bag.  I figure that would take him 2 minutes at the most and cost next to nothing.

When I come back. SELL me on how great they look. TELL me…

“I polished them especially for you and dressed the heels and soles and SINCE YOU ARE A NEW CUSTOMER AND I MAKE A LIVING BY EXCEEDING my customer’s  EXPECTATIONS.”… “WHICH not to mention GROWS MY BUSINESS, oh, did I say… I polished them MYSELF for YOU.”

Pretty simple, huh? Unreasonable?

green lambo

I would have been forced at that point to tell everyone looking at (not my Lamborghini) … I’m a Corvette guy… about the guy who takes care of my boots.

If it were your business…you would have right?

Did I tell you I have another pair that need new heels? I am looking for a boot repair guy. I am open to suggestions.

Cheers!  -dp

Your comments or own experiences are always welcome. :0

Old Photographs: Store fronts

I am a fan of old photographs. I collect all sorts and one of my favorite categories are old buildings. Thought I shares some I found recently. Enjoy!

Pictures like this have the power to transport you. Imagine pulling into this pool hall. Where is this place? What is the outside temperature? How much dust is that? Who is inside? Are we playing for money? Is it too early for a beer?

When did you last buy eggs for 19 cents or a sack of potatoes for a quarter?

This is Sprott Alabama is 1935. Check out the Coca Cola sign hanging off the front of the Post Office. Haven’t seen that in your neighborhood, have you?


Online retailers looking for record breaking Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday will attract almost 100 million buyers online?

On line retailers are gearing up. Friday is the big day for the brick and mortar retailers. Picking up a head of steam is the event of the year now gaining broader media attention known as Small Business Saturday. Now there is one more chance for shoppers to turn out and score great deals on holiday gifts. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and is an on line bash. More shoppers than ever are expected to participate in this year’s Black Friday. The question is… how many? The best part for the consumer is all you need is a connection to the internet. No standing in line… just find your favorite online shopping site and click away.

What are Cyber Monday retail companies doing to prepare?  “Well, the planning parts have been done already.” Says HR Manager Jennifer, who works for an online retailer. “We will have more people ready on the phones. Our goal will be to try to cut down on the hold times. We want our customers to have a great on line experience and we are ready. The warehouse is full and the shipping and receiving departments are dialed. We are looking for this Cyber Monday to be a great day for us.” Jennifer also says that her company had a good return from last year’s Cyber Monday. “It is easy to get overwhelmed. We have been planning this for several months. We starting staffing and training about two weeks ago and our operations department has been improving since last year. We are a smaller company so we have to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.”

Also interviewed for this article was Alex of an electronics distributor with a strong on line following. “These days, we run so many specials and sales from our on line presence that it always feels like Cyber Monday around here. We stock thousands of items from batteries to tablets and everything you can imagine. We are the go to site for thousands of techies and we always have special. Our customers know to check our prices on popular items. For Cyber Monday, we have specials on a pretty good selection. We are ready for the rush. One big difference for us is our experience. We do this every day so the surge on line is nothing new for us. We appreciate the support for our brand and Cyber Monday we give a little back. It is a big event for us regardless of how you look at it.”

While many retailers depend on the end of year events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most see it as an opportunity to provide a great on line shopping experience and personalized attention to their on line customer base. Many retailers have been driving email address campaigns for months so that there is a strong customer database to work from. It is common to see retailers organize around the technology and transaction styles. Companies have healthy bricks and mortar sales, an established catalog business, and now a complimentary on line shopping experience. It is a powerful model and is a proven success. Connecting with the customer looks like it is here to stay!


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Paula Deen shoulda been a rapper!

Paula Deen shoulda been a rapper!

Remember my post a few days ago  (here is the link) about the double standard in today’s society where a Caucasian lady who cooks on TV admitted to making use of the N word in the course of her work as a TV personality and celebrity chef and got fired for it You know, Paula Deen.

I happened to hear references to marijuana, and use of the N word blaring out of a teenage girl’s iPhone 4 music player yesterday and stopped to ask her.  “Hey, cool song, who is the artist?” She said “Wiz Khalifa“.   I asked. “What song?  “It’s Let’s get medicated.”   And what station? “Pandora.” I said, “Never heard of it. Cool! Thanks.”

Here I go with the double standard crap again. I don’t care if you don’t care. For the record. I don’t use the N word ever. I can’t say it out loud even in private. It is completely offensive to me. People who know me will attest. I am not going to change the world.

Just hear me out. Then you decide.

You do the research.. Look up the lyrics to the song ” Let’s Get Medicated”  Identify the record label who produces the artist known as Wiz Khalifa. There is a gentleman who owns the label.  Make note of this gentleman’s race.

Look up the senior management of the Food Network and Pandora.  All of the names and backgrounds of the senior executives are published. Fine. Make note of race while we are at it since most of the executives who are making $ from this artist and similar artists are Caucasian.

If Paula Deen is a racist for using the N word aren’t these record company people too. Or am I missing something.

Finally, print out the lyrics for Let’s get medicated and carry them with you. Next time you are in line at the supermarket, the bank, or getting a haircut. Pull them out and sing them word for word in front of others. Watch for the reaction. Are you entertaining them or offending them. All I am doing here is asking a question. Not judging.

I know I am out of my mind… but you are still reading.

I am not picking on anybody. Double standards aren’t fair anywhere, why are they ok here?

Hundreds of people read my last post. No one liked it or commented on it. Let me know what you think. There is a form for that at the bottom of the page.