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I baked bread

I am getting better but still not there. I am struggling with the interactions of yeast, sugar, flour etc. My loaves are turning out pretty well but not perfect. Have a look.

Homemade breadMaybe I am just stubborn, a born experimenter, or just a guy, but I am trying to figure this out by trial and error. I am sure I can find someone who can answer my questions but this a journey… well,  more of a tangent off my love for making homemade pizza.

I follow a lot of blogs of people who do this for a living. I am trying to discover that thing little by little. Hiring an expert would ruin my fun! I have to develop. Loaf by loaf.

I really like pulling a loaf out of the oven and sitting down with cheese or butter or a handful of peppers and a glass of wine and trying to figure out whether or not what I have just created is any good or not. And,  if I like it or not, why do I like it?

Sometimes I didn’t bump  in enough salt or this one was stuffed with cheese and olives and turned out too this or that, or the dough didn’t rise enough.

xx 156

That’s the fun for me. The pursuit. Finding the balance. Tastes good or not?  Looks good or not? If I saw this in a store would I buy it? I remember buying a loaf of bread in Tokyo once for $12. I also ran into a VERY VERY famous actress in Santa Monica one afternoon at a bakery and she actually bought the same thing I did. ( there is no meaning in this at all… just a coincidence.) Funny though, I KNOW she remembers THAT loaf and THAT order on THAT day, and DID write about buying the same thing as me…damn straight she did… oh sorry!  I digress. 

Like I was saying. I am probably not the first person to bake a loaf of bread… (I checked) The point in baking is that it is creative.  That perfection is elusive as in so many other endeavors. Really when you think about it, perfection isn’t the goal anyway. Bread is food, yes. But baking a loaf of bread is a kind of amusement.  Waiting for dough to rise tests you. Coming to the conclusion that kneading gently instead of punching the shit out of the dough works better is a kind of wisdom you earn.  And living with certain facts like twisting and braiding loaves does not require 40 ft lbs of torque is just liberating. I am living proof. What goes in the oven comes out… but for me… I never know what will come out. Ah, yes… dp@large is a risk taker. Living dangerously. Boldly forging ahead. The guy is a maniac!

Anyway… I will settle back and wait for the oven.  Can you smell it coming out of the oven now? I have flour finger prints on my keyboard, a glass of wine, some brie, some ice cold pickled jalapenos, cold cuts, mustard, anchovies, olives, sliced onions, all at the ready.


Bread is ready.

Anyone care to join me?




Gimme FiveNo way… cats aren’t that smart!

Sunday morning breakfast

Zitrone auf Zitronenpresse

I did it again… not what you would expect…. tastes better than it sounds. Sorry, no pics this time… I was as busy eating as I was cooking.

Dish 1:      Lemon Shot –   Fresh squeezed lemon juice, dash of  cayenne, shot glass rimmed with kosker salt. Pure vitamin C.

Dish 2:     Buckwheat Pancake Short stack Tossed a habanero and some fresh basil into a blender then added it to the batter. Poured batter on very hot griddle. Cooked until tender. Served with real butter and splash of maple syrup.

Dish 3 :   Tomato Juice6oz served w lemon wedge and a grind of black pepper. Serve it very cold.

Dish 4 :   Poached Eggs– Served in bowl with some chopped cilantro and crositini done in EVOO, kosher salt, basil leaves, and melted american cheese. Poached eggs get a little black pepper. Don’t forget to put some vinegar in your boiling water.

Dish 5 :   Fresh berries-  Bowl of fresh berries served cold doused with fresh whipping cream and a little honey.

If you noticed… beyond the actual food itself, there are very few other ingredients in this breakfast which I really like. Not a lot in the way of additives, preservatives, processing, etc. Nothing packaged, canned, or frozen. I think simple foods like this are much healthier, easier to make, taste better and are much less expensive to prepare. What do you think?

Then of course, can’t have a Sunday morning without coffee so I had to finish it all off with fresh steaming cups of french roast coffee and the Sunday newspaper on the patio. The tree in my yard is in bloom so the hummingbirds are buzzing around and the sun is climbing faster than the temperatures!  We are on our way to 112 degrees again today! How’s that for Las Vegas living!  

Anyone wanna come over and do the dishes. I saved some lemon juice for ya.



Garlic is good for you!

Garlic is good for you!

Garlic History

Once upon a time it was used as currency. In the days of the pharaohs, ancient Egyptians considered garlic so valuable that they placed it in tombs, including in King Tut’s. Ancient Greeks gave it to Olympian athletes for strength and stamina. In India, 5,000-year-old Sanskrit records describe its curative properties.

Garlic Reduces Cholesterol

There many studies confirming that garlic in several forms can reduce cholesterol. (Silagy CS, Neil HAW, 1994, The Journal of the Royal College of Physicians, Vol 28 No 1:39-45)

Garlic is an Aphrodisiac

Tibetan monks were forbidden from entering the monasteries if they had eaten garlic.
It stirs up passions due to it’s ability to increase the circulation.

Garlic is an Antioxidant

Researchers have widely believed that the organic compound, allicin, which gives garlic its aroma and flavour, acts as the world’s most powerful antioxidant. But until now it hasn’t been clear how allicin works, or how it stacks up compared to more common antioxidants such as Vitamin E and coenzym.

Traditional Chinese medicine used of garlic for more than 3,000 years. Current research is trying to determine the role it could play in treating many health problems such as heart disease and stroke to possibly helping to prevent cancer and increasing your immune system.

Garlic is an Antibiotic

The allicin in garlic is also a powerful antibiotic, which fights infection and bacteria. British researchers gave 146 people either a placebo or a garlic extract for 12 weeks. The garlic takers were two-thirds less likely to catch a cold. Other studies suggest that garlic lovers who chow more than six cloves a week have a 30 percent lower rate of colorectal cancer and a 50 percent lower rate of stomach cancer. Garlic helps to open clogged sinuses.


How to Make Lemon Water

How to Make Lemon Water

Finally a recipe for Lemon water.

I would have never figured this out by myself!    

Sliced lemon

This is a lemon

Please read these instructions VERY CAREFULLY… Instructions can be confusing and you want to get this recipe for LEMON WATER right. I repeat! You may want to re read these instructions a couple of times.


  1. Fill a drinking glass with 10 oz. of water
  2. Add 3 tbsp. of  maple syrup to the water
  3. Pour in 3 tbsp. of lemon juice.
  4. Add 1 tsp. of cayenne pepper.
  5. Stir the ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed together.
  6. Consume the freshly made drink.


Notes for instruction #1.  You pretty much want to use a glass AND water. Thinking further, the glass can be used to hold the water which will make it much easier to drink.

Notes for instruction #2.  Skip this step. Who wants to taste maple syrup when you are trying to taste lemons by drinking lemon water. If you want to taste maple syrup, make maple syrup water or go get some damn pancakes at iHOP.

Notes for instruction #3.  Do not overlook the importance of adding lemons to your lemon water.  Adding lemons to water will make the water taste like lemons.

Notes for instruction #4.  Don’t ask so many questions. Just put the damn cayenne pepper in the drink and stop being such a baby.

Notes for instruction #5. Stir.

Notes for instruction #6. Don’t be surprised if it tastes like lemons squeezed into a glass of water.

People say drinking lemon water promotes weight loss. I think it promotes the sale of lemons.

Cheers!  Come back next week…. Banana Water!  Yum!

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The buffet manager is out to lunch

Olivia and Jason found the end of the buffet line and fell in. It was Wednesday morning and the line, about fifty people or so, was familiar to them. They had the day off together and enjoyed eating out.

The line was about 100 people total between the VIP line and the regular customers. Eventually the wait to be seated would turn out to be closer to 45 minutes. Since they were both off they didn’t mind the wait. They figured they would be out of the restaurant around noon.

Jason works as a system analyst and Olivia is a dispatcher at a contracting company. Olivia complains that Jason never stops and is continuously in the “logic mode” as she puts it. Olivia will tell you that once Jason latches onto a problem, he doesn’t stop.  While waiting in line, Jason peeked over the plants and looked in on the dining room. He was surprised to see so many empty tables. As the wait continued, he started to comment to Olivia saying, “I don’t understand how they can have this many people in line and have that many tables empty. Can’t they do this faster?” Olivia replied, “Take it easy, this is our day off, I don’t want to manage the restaurant,  I just want to eat.”

A few minutes later Jason said, “Olivia we haven’t moved and the tables are still empty. What is going on here?” A person ahead of him in line turned and said. “I agree with you man, why doesn’t this move faster?” They struck up a conversation and the line moved little by little. About 25 minutes later, Jason finally managed to be next in line for the cashier. He asked her. “Excuse me, I wondered if you could tell me something? I want to know why there are so many empty tables and the line is still so long.” The cashier put her hand on her chest and shook her head and said, “I don’t know, I am just a cashier.” Jason said, “Well someone must be able to tell me. Why don’t they plan this better? I could have all these people seated and eating by now” The cashier shook her head and said, “There aren’t enough people to cover. There will be more people at 11AM.” Jason elbowed Olivia and said, “Did you hear that? A giant casino company and they can’t hire enough people to cover the morning rush.” Olivia nodded and looked away disinterested.

Jason persisted. He teamed up with the man in front of them and the duo picked apart the operation. The hostess/greeter made frequent hand signals to the staffer at the end of the aisle, alternating between flashing one finger, two fingers, and sometimes three or four. By the looks of it, about one table was seated every five minutes or so. Jason kept it up, “Look, he said, the hostess is walking around, she isn’t even trying to move the line.” His in line friend said, “Yep, this is bad, all those open tables and no one is getting seated. I wonder why they don’t recognize this.” Jason said, “Maybe they just don’t realize it. Looks like no one is in a hurry, maybe that’s what they want, customers to wait!” His friend said, “Naw, that doesn’t make sense.”

Just then one of the hostesses appeared at the cashier stand,  stood there a moment, then leaned against the counter, “You guys busy up here?”  Jason, said, “She has time for a chat? Oh my god.”  His friend says, “Hey that guy looks like the Manager, let’s ask him why he can’t schedule enough people to cover the work.” Olivia overheard then and elbowed Jason. “Don’t you dare, Jason, we are here to eat, remember?” Jason calmed down a moment and the line moved. Just then a hostess turned the corner and said I have tables. She pulled several parties out of line and instructed them all to follow her including Jason and Olivia.

The pair, happier now, followed the hostess and finally got a table. As they approached their table, they passed the Manager. He was leaning against the wall, chatting with a security guard. Jason, thought, here is another person with time to chat.

After their meal, Jason and Olivia were leaving the buffet. The line was just as long as it was earlier. Jason said to Olivia, “Hang on a minute… he said to the cashier, “I would like to speak to the Buffet Manager.” The Cashier said, “Oh, he is out to lunch.”  Jason nodded and said, “You got that right!”