American Idol down to two singers today

Steven Tyler (left) on American Idol with fell...

Steven Tyler (left) on American Idol with fellow judges Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American Idol logo 2008–2011

American Idol logo 2008–2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American Idol picks its number one next week. Who will it be? It has been a good competition. The top 10 were predictable to a point. The weaker performers went out as predicted. The judges saved Jessica Sanchez and rightfully so.

Who will win? My guess is Phil Phillips. He seems to have the most potential support although it is clear he is not the best singer. Phillips benefits from youthful good looks and a unique style where he often forgets the melody and comes up with a gritty groove style that reminds you a little of Joe Cocker. The thing though, older fans  of the show aren’t going to vote Jessica Sanchez or Joshua Ledet without a greater connection, a feeling that they have something more in common. Jessica is a 16 year from Chula Vista and Joshua comes from Louisiana. Both places where great performers have come from before but a little too nichy to be mainstream. Phil it is. That’s my prediction.

Who is the best singer. Hard to say. Jessica can belt out a song like ringing a bell. Joshua is more soulful with some grounding in the Southern Gospel sound we know and love. My vote for best is Jessica. My vote for most likely to revive the blues and maybe a little Junior Wells, Joshua. I would love to see Buddy Guy take him under his wing. And inject his soul with some sweet rock n roll, followed by some rhythm and blues! Joshua, please do a delta blues songbook.

One more thing. Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Stephen Tyler got a lot of help this year from Jimmy Iovine. The judges usually give sound advice. I would like to see them disagree more. Jimmy, with his extensive record production background, gives the competitors a new perspective and sometimes priceless advice. Good job all around including the ever present Ryan Seacrest.

Should be an interesting next week on American Idol. Twitter and Facebook are burning up with messages. iPhones and Androids are working overtime. Voter are busy. I am rooting for Jessica, the nation will be voting for Phil.


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